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Design your Own Engagement Ring

Give a Personal Touch! Design Your Own Elegant Engagement Ring

You can design your own engagement ring and make a personal statement. The most important parts of a ring are the stone and the setting. Here are some tips for designing a beautiful engagement ring.
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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2019
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Over the years, engagement rings, also known as betrothal or promise rings have undergone many changes. Today, these rings are made in a variety of beautiful designs, but many prefer to design their own promise ring to lend a personal touch. Designing an elegant engagement ring is not a difficult process. Here's how to do it.
How to Design Your Own Betrothal Ring
Firstly, decide the style of the ring you would like to have. There are plenty of options such as antique and traditional. Even though antique rings are beautiful, many opt for the modern look. Take a sheet of paper and with the help of a pencil, draw a sketch of the design you have in mind.
Most betrothal rings are a silver or gold band with a gem mounted on top. Keep that in mind and accordingly start drawing the sketch. You may have to draw the sketch many times to arrive at the right width and design.
You will also be required to select a gemstone for your ring. Generally, people opt for a solitaire diamond. Some of the most gorgeous engagement rings have emeralds, rubies and sapphires mounted on top. A combination of colored stones and diamonds is a good option.
Another design that has been popular in recent years is placing a larger stone in the middle and surrounding it with smaller stones. Decide the shape of your stone as it plays a key role in giving a unique look to your ring. According to your choice, you can go for square, round or oval shaped stones.
Platinum band
As bands can be medium, thin or wide, choose a wedding band that you find appropriate for your selected stone. Platinum bands are a popular choice. However, they are a bit expensive, so decide whether they will suit your budget.
You can also take the help of a jeweler who is willing to advice you on designing a ring. Show all your sketches and ideas to the jeweler and discuss the designs that fit your budget.
How to Build Your Own Promise Ring
The budget is the most important aspect. Decide on how much you are willing to spend as building your own betrothal ring is more expensive than buying a pre-designed one. If you want to build your own diamond betrothal ring then determine whether you are ready to splurge on the diamond. The cost will increase in case you want additional stones fixed on ring.
You can use the Internet to compare prices between different jewelry stores. Almost every online jeweler provides site tools to choose the type of stone, carat and settings. Use these tools and select accordingly. As you are purchasing the ring for your bride, choose one that meets her expectations.
Select the metal for your promise ring. Titanium, platinum, yellow gold or white gold are some of the choices that can lend a sparkle to your ring. When buying a diamond, be very sure of the cut, carat weight, color and the clarity.
Many large stones come with a high carat weight but have imperfections and inclusions that can affect their brilliance. If you have decided to build your own engagement ring, the jeweler may sell you a fake or a loose diamond, so select your stone very carefully.
Consult an experienced jeweler, as a promise ring is a symbol of love and a lifelong memento for your bride. So before you build your own engagement ring, contact a reputed jeweler to design one which you'll cherish in the many years to come.