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Designer Wedding Shoe Trends for 2019

Tulika Nair May 10, 2019
Your wedding date is fixed. Your dress has been chosen and you are trying to decide on the perfect pair of wedding shoes to match your gown. Here, we will tell you how to pick the perfect pair of wedding shoes and also the best options of designer wedding shoes for 2019.
The perfect wedding gown needs to be matched with the perfect accessories and what can be better than a pair of brilliant shoes. For your big day, everything needs to be perfect. Which is why even if you may not be wearing that Vera Wang gown that was so out of your budget, you can still try and indulge in a pair of designer wedding shoes.
The shoes for your wedding are accessories that you need to buy with a lot of thought and care. Not only do they have to look gorgeous, but they also need to be comfortable to walk around in. The latest trends showcased by some of the top shoe designers around the world, combine beauty and comfort in a way not thought possible.

Footwear with Pleats

Pleated footwear is one of the classiest options for wedding shoes and have been a huge trend for several years now. But as they say, sometimes the classics are always the best option. If you are a traditional bride who likes to stick to classic and elegant styles, then this may be the option for you.
Opt to wear either a pair of pointed pumps or a pair of sandals with pleats. You can choose to highlight the heels of the shoes with sequins or rhinestones.

High Heels

Brides who are not afraid of walking around in sky-high heels and who love their gravity-defying shoes can opt for some gorgeous shoes this year. One of the biggest trends this year is to wear platform wedding shoes which are more popular than ever before.
Even wedges are getting a makeover for the wedding season. Colored and printed wedges are quite a rage and many brides are choosing to wear this comfortable version of heels.

Brooch-adorned Shoes

If you want to make a statement, then this is the shoe style to embrace. Opt for a bridal shoe accented with a big rhinestone brooch and you are sure to have all the attention you want.
Jeweled brooches on shoes are one of the biggest trends of 2019. It is Victorian in a modern way, classic yet bold, and just beautiful to look at. From peep toes, to pointed pumps and even sandals, you have a whole range of shoes with accents that you can choose from.

Shoes with laces

This trend works wonders for those brides who love to embrace their more girly and feminine side. Lace detailing has become a huge trend in wedding shoes with the re-emergence of the lace wedding gowns. Shoes with ribbons, lace booties, and footwear with sequinned details are a huge trend as of today.
If you are opting for a vintage look for your wedding, then lace footwear is the perfect option for you. Play around by opting for wide lace in a darker color on a lighter hued footwear.

Shoes with Studs

Weddings are always the perfect excuse to wear some bling and if you are the bride, then you can definitely go all the way. Why restrict the sparkle you wear to your jewelry? Most top designers are leaving us spellbound with their  crystal-studded wedding shoe collections.
The use of silver, platinum, and other metallic tones have always been a wedding shoe mainstay and now you can add Swarowski crystals and sequins to the shoes to make them one-of-a-kind.

Colored Shoes

Wearing colored shoes may seem a little out of place with a white wedding gown, but the biggest names in fashion are heralding the trend. Also, a burst of color in an all white ensemble may be just what you need to make your wedding dress stand out. From refreshing greens to vibrant reds, the color you want can be included in your wedding clothes.

Comfy Shoes

While every bride wants to look her prettiest on her wedding day, no one really wants to be limping through the day because of uncomfortable shoes. This trend has been a fashionable yet practical solution to your sartorial problem.
Remember the oh-so-cute wedding sneakers from Father of the Bride? You can choose to wear Oxfords that have been specially decorated for your wedding. Choose to wear mules and ballet flats to ensure that not only do your feet look pretty and comfortable all day.
Now that you know what the hottest trends for wedding shoes in 2019 are. You need to learn how to pick out the best shoes for you. There are some important things that need to be kept in mind while choosing bridal shoes.
► When it comes to the appearance of the shoes, unless you are comfortable walking around in high heels do not opt for them. If flats are more your style, then you can opt for a pair of satin ballet flats.
► It may be a good idea to take along your maid of honor or any other friend to choose the shoes for you. Getting a second opinion may be a very good idea when you are trying to choose your wedding shoes.
► If you are looking for a discount on the shoes that you have chosen, it may be a good idea to look for websites that offer deals on designer shoes from time to time. You may get the right pair of shoes for a great discount.
► Most women who have decided to spend extravagantly on their shoes often commit the mistake of choosing their shoes before the wedding gown. Avoid this as you want the shoes to complement the dress and not the other way round.
► It is easy to get befuddled by the sheer variety of shoes that are available in the market. Try to do a preliminary research on which are the designers you like best online so that you are familiar with the style of shoes you like.
► Try and finish your shoe shopping in one day instead of spreading it out over a couple of days. Take a photograph of the wedding dress along so that you can check how complementary the two are.
► When you choose the shoes, ensure that you walk around in it for a while. You will need to wear the shoes the entire day for dancing, walking down the aisle, and every other activity that is lined up for you. So wearing shoes that are comfortable is extremely important.
► Most brides opt for white bridal shoes, but you can also choose shoes in your wedding color which can be contrasted with your white dress. Opt for fabrics like silk, velvet or satin for the wedding shoes.
Designer wedding shoes are something that everyone covets after. They can be the perfect complement to your outfit. Favorite picks for wedding shoes in 2019 include Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Badgley Mischka, Diane Lynn, Benjamin Adams, Kate Spade, Delman Selma, and Stuart Weitzman.
Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you deserve to have everything that you have always wanted on this special day.