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Dessert Ideas for Weddings

Kanika Khara Nov 17, 2018
Whether it's a formal or a themed wedding, cakes, puddings, fruit trays with chocolate fondue, etc., are some common wedding dessert ideas. Here are some innovative dessert ideas, which will add more sweetness and variety to your wedding.
A wedding is considered to be incomplete without desserts. Whether it's the wedding cake, cookies, ice creams, etc., desserts are loved and enjoyed by people of all ages.
Since these dishes hold an essential part in a wedding, every couple wants to provide a memorable and inspiring dessert station, which will encourage their guests to join in the celebrations, and create a lighthearted and fun atmosphere.

Unique Ideas

♦ While one can't say when the tradition of a wedding cake began, it's normally considered as a ritual of blessing the newly married couple with prosperity, fertility, and happiness.
However, there are many people for whom it may not be on the top of the list of favorite desserts, and hence, present generation couples do not serve a traditional wedding cake. Cupcakes on stacked tiers with the top level as a small cake, can be an alternative.
♦ For couples who don't want to feel obligated to have a four-tiered, fondant-covered wedding cake, individual ones in the shape of an open Tiffany-style box stuffed with cream and berries, or an inquisitive chocolate fountain, shaped like a three-tiered cake can be a stylish dessert option.
♦ You can set up bowls having toppings like sprinkles, fruits, sauces, mini candy sweets, chocolate flakes, creams, etc., for your guests so that they can create their own ice cream sundaes with these toppings.
♦ One can set up a cookie decorating station that will not only entice their taste buds, but will also keep the kids amused.
♦ Having a chocolate fondue fountain at each guest table with a tray of assorted sweets like fruits, cookies, or maybe even pound cakes to dip into the chocolate fondue fountain can be fun, and will also look extremely sensual.
♦ Bread pudding made up of brioches or croissants can be one of the scrumptious dessert ideas for large groups of guests. Your caterer can come up with different flavors in the bread pudding like apple, chocolate, raspberry, peach, etc.
♦ You can provide your guests a dipping station for fruits like strawberries and apples, where they can choose to dip their favorite fruit in milk, dark or white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sugar.
♦ You can also ask your caterer to prepare special cookies with a picture or message placed in the center especially for your guests, as this will give a more of personal touch to the occasion.
♦ Since desserts are not just about wedding cakes, couples are opting for bars that comprise various mini-desserts for guests to choose from. Such ideas are not only trendy, but are also cost-effective.
♦ For some guests, desserts are incomplete without coffee or tea, and so you can serve your guests both these beverages before they leave for the evening.

Ideas for Serving

Along with the taste, how you serve the desserts is equally important. Therefore, here are some tips that will enable you to present these dishes.
♦ If you are planning to have a seated meal, try having an exclusive dessert station with a buffet setup. This will enable your guest to circulate a bit, and mingle with other guests.
♦ Having a table full with an assortment of beguiling plated desserts will make the presentation look extremely stylish.

♦ Setting separate truffle stations with a variety of individual chocolates or chocolate cordial cups filled with a delicious liqueur is also an innovative alternative.
♦ Along with these lavish dishes, mini desserts served on trays at the end of the meal, can also make a good statement.

♦ Having a separate cart including desserts like cake, ice cream, pie, etc., at one corner of the dining room can be a unique dessert serving idea.
You can either cater the desserts, or ask your friends and relatives to prepare some treats to make your wedding special and memorable. Since the choice solely depends on you and your partner's liking, you can make it as interesting and enjoyable as you desire. However, these ideas will definitely help you in planning the desserts in a delicious way.