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Diamond Rings: Choosing Engagement, Wedding, and Anniversary Rings

Diamond Rings: Engagement, Wedding, and Anniversary Rings
A beautiful and sparkling diamond ring is a sure way to catch everybody's attention on special moments and occasions. Take a look at some of the important things you need to consider while buying these for that special someone.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2019
Wedding and engagement rings in rich red satin
Diamond rings are a style statement for any function, and are the most sought-after items for weddings and engagements. Presenting a diamond is the obvious way to begin a new journey with one's soulmate!
Bride wearing diamond wedding ring on left hand
These rings represent a formal agreement in a relationship, a step towards commitment. Brides and grooms today select similar pieces in terms of design and metals. Be it an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, a diamond best represents any occasion.
Young couple looking at engagement rings
Shopping for diamond rings can be a whole lot of fun, considering the kind of innovative designs that are available today. Guys in particular, look for the perfect piece to elicit that eagerly-awaited 'yes' from the woman they are out to woo!
However, there are many things guys and girls need to be aware about before picking the perfect ring for their partner. Take a look at these tips and pointers to help you select the perfect ring, in terms of design, clarity, and cut!
Points to Consider While Buying a Diamond Ring
Begin with the right jeweler. Look for a reputed branded outlet or trusted jeweler in your area. If you are new to the area, you can even look for a list of jewelers online. Talk with the locals to get to know favorable experiences with any particular outlet. Always stick to places that give a certificate and guarantee of the jewelry item.
The jewelry you purchase should have a certified diamond. It is obligatory for the jeweler to give you a certificate of guarantee with the purchase. You must also ensure that the certificate contains all the details of the item and the diamond in particular.
Certified jewelry gives one the assurance about its authenticity. Lab-created diamonds are also used in jewelry. Therefore, you need to know not all diamonds used would be in the purest form.
The value of a diamond is based on the color, cut, clarity, and the carat. A colorless diamond is considered to be the most valuable. The cut also matters a lot, as it is directly connected to the price. The cut also dictates the way a diamond appears and sparkles.
This depends upon the amount of light that is reflected. There should also be no traces of inclusion, such as leftover carbon, in the diamond. A perfect diamond is one that has no such inclusions. This dictates the clarity. And lastly, the weight also reflects upon the price of the diamond.
Think about the kind of metal that will best suit the diamond. Does your fiancee prefer gold or platinum? This will help you to narrow down the choices of the ring you are planning to buy. You can also decide whether you want a contemporary design or something that has an antique look.
If you take a look in any store, you are bound to be stunned with the variety of beautiful diamond rings. To avoid feeling dazed, use personal preferences to help you to narrow down the choice.
A proportionate design will only help to enhance the beauty of the hand. There are many shapes you can choose from―round, to pear-shaped, square, or even hearts! For a woman or man with short fingers, one can choose oval-shaped diamonds. Bold designs suit women with long fingers.
These tips will surely help you to pick the perfect diamond ring for any occasion. The sparkle and the dazzle of the diamond make this a timeless piece to own.