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Different Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings - Choose the Best!

Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings
Want to choose a shape that looks perfect on your finger? Want something unique as well? This write-up gives you information about all the diamond shapes.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2019
Many a time, it so happens that we go to a store to buy a ring and choose one from the limited options available. When this happens, you tend to miss out on the other shapes that are not really common.
diamond ring
A diamond, as opposed to what is commonly believed, comes in several sizes. We have provided detailed information about these shapes here. Check them out!
Types of Diamond Shapes
White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
This is the most traditional shape of a diamond; it has a brilliant shine and sparkle. Round-shaped diamonds are fancied by almost everyone. When you want to use diamonds with other gemstones, this shape looks the best. These 58-faceted diamonds have one of the best sparkle.
green emerald fashion engagement diamond ring
Oval-shaped diamonds are little elongated towards two opposite ends. If you have smaller fingers, using a oval-shaped diamond will make them look longer. Also, due to their shape, these diamonds look bigger than round diamonds of the same shape.
diamond and platinum wedding ring
A hybrid between the round, emerald, and princess cuts, this shape is truly unique. If you want something uncommon for your engagement, this is your best bet. A ring with this diamond cut looks best on medium-sized fingers; not too thin, not too fat.
Green emerald ruby and diamond silver ring
One of the first cuts, this shape is a little affordable as compared to the rest.
The number of facets is also less as compared to other shapes. However, because of its flat surface, side stones can be added to this ring. Just like oval-shaped cuts, this one makes your fingers appear longer.
White gold ring with a princess cut diamond
A princess cut is nothing but a square version of the round cut.
It is the best choice if you want a solitaire engagement ring. Also, because of its unique cut, the stones can be placed next to each other, without gaps. This make it a popular choice for engagement bands.
Diamond Ring
This shape resembles the hull of a boat. The marquise cut is one of the most sophisticated shapes. It is highly appreciated by people due to its simplicity and fineness.
It creates an optical illusion through which the diamond appears to be larger than it actually is. You can accent the stone with smaller diamonds or other colorful, bright gemstones.
Beautiful Ascher Cut diamond engagement wedding
The octagonal or hexagonal Asscher cut appears heavier than the rest. The shape, although vintage, has evolved today with many variations.
The most important aspect is the cutting of the diamond because of its beveled corners. Like emerald cuts, these stones sometimes come with flaws. People are attracted to it because it has a high clarity.
Single original silver ring with diamonds
This feminine shape is renowned as the tear drop diamond and has been blended with three different shapes, namely the marquise, round, and oval.
The 58-faceted stone has an excellent brilliance that is eye-catching. Usually preferred for earrings, this shape will give your engagement ring a unique look.
Golden Ring with Diamond on base
It can be called the cutest of all diamond rings. It's a timeless gift, symbolizing everlasting love. The elongated angles are cut with high precision, creating the perfect symmetry for the lobes. Heart-shaped diamond rings are timeless and look gorgeous.
Tanzanite and Diamond Ring
This is a unique diamond having a triangular shape. It has 50 facets and the sides are treated equally.
It's one of the most contemporary shapes, increasingly preferred for engagement rings. The trilliant stone is secured at the center and the bezel setting is a popular choice. The ring appears extravagant when embellished with miniature stones.
Cushion cut diamond ring in rose gold halo setting
The cushion cut diamonds were also known as pillow cut when they were first introduced. It more or less resembles an oval-shaped diamond, though variations exist.
Cushion shapes have lost their popularity today as is considered to be the remnants of vintage-old mine cut. If you are still eager to adorn this, then check for the clarity before buying.
While choosing diamond shapes you must check for clarity, shape, cut, depth, and the carat weight; these are the most important factors that govern the quality of a diamond.