Different Types of Wedding Invitations

Unique and different wedding invitations set the mood going for a wedding. Your enthusiasm towards the wedding will spread to the guests as well. Enthusiasm is infectious and these small details can add value to one's wedding...
Wedessence Staff
It's such a drab to see the same old wedding invitations every time somebody's getting married. There are several interesting and different wedding invitation ideas and wordings that one can adopt for the wedding. Using one's creativity, one can come up with different wedding invitation designs that will get the guests all excited for your wedding. After all wedding invitations are the curtain raisers of the big nuptial day and a well done and unique card will always trigger excitement in the air.
Photo Invitations
A personalized touch to your wedding invitation is a wonderful way to have your wedding invitation card stand out from the rest. A photograph of the couple can become the background of the invitation. You can have the details of the wedding either written on the side or the card is designed in the form of a book and printed inside. Using black and white photographs for the invitation also give a unique appeal. If it's a destination wedding, you can have the photograph of the wedding destination as the background for the invite. This will get the guests all enthusiastic about the place they are getting to visit.
Flip Flop Invitations
If you have a beach wedding, then you could have a flip-flop invitation design, wherein the card is in the shape of beach sandals. The invitation card is made in such a way that it looks like one flip-flop of the pair and when it opens it forms two flip flops to complete pair. Cool summer colors can be chosen and the details of the wedding can be written inside. This is an innovative idea and will totally get the guests geared for your beach wedding. You can do the same with an oyster shell invitation, with the card shaped as an oyster shell.
Hand Drawn Invitations
You could have the cartoon versions of the couple drawn and then printed onto the wedding invitation. The wedding theme can also be incorporated into the wedding. For example, if it's a fairy tale wedding, you could have cartoons of the bride and groom as Cinderella and her prince or if it's a wine theme wedding you can have the cartoons of the couple walking through a vineyard sipping glasses of wine. The scope is unlimited here. Cartoons give an interesting look to the wedding card. Moreover, the concept is new and different and definitely gets people's attention. Even handmade invitation ideas are great.
Scroll Invitations
Scrolls were the traditional Indian invitations of Kings and Queens. These scrolls give a very traditional appeal to your wedding. You can have the contemporary forms of scroll invitations. For example, if you have a pirate theme wedding, you could have the scroll made in the form of a treasure map scroll with the background or watermark for the card being a treasure map and the details of the wedding jotted on it.
Reverse Mirror Invitations
These are really interesting wedding invitations. The wordings are written in reverse order and can be read only in a mirror. Thus, when a person first has a look at the card, he or she will not be able to understand anything. To read they need to place it before a mirror and then read it in the mirror. You could also place a piece of mirror in each envelope for the guests. This usually intrigues people.
Couple these different kinds of wedding invitations with some unique and different wedding invitation wordings and have your guests all geared up for your wedding. Unique, contemporary invitations are always appreciated. Sometimes small touches to small things like invitation cards can add value and charm to your wedding. After all, it's your wedding day, so why not give it your best shot! Nevertheless, while spending money on invitation cards, keep in mind that people will have a look at it to only check the address and will then discard them. So don't spend too much cash on the invitations. Have a great wedding!
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