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Dreadlock Hairstyles for Weddings

Aparna Jadhav Mar 12, 2019
Many individuals always have a dilemma as to whether styling their dreadlocks for weddings would look good. Tap through to have a look at some interesting dreadlock hairstyles.
Dreadlocks or dreads are coils of hair which are intentionally formed by back-combing with one's fingers or blunt combs, and avoiding the use of brushes and scissors. These are one of the oldest types of hairstyles, as they were a part of various cultures during the ancient times.
Since, there is not much interference by combs or other equipment trying to untangle them, the hair grow in a rough texture, full of knots. These are very popular among men and women, making them acceptable at formal events such as weddings too. Here are some ideas on dreadlock hairstyles for weddings put together for you. So, read and pick your favorites!

Dreadlock Hairdos For Women

Those who have long and short hair can style their hair into dreads by simply following a certain technique for a certain duration of time. There is not much combing or brushing involved. However, many feel that hair styled into dreads can't be washed or cleaned, which is a misconception, as you have to make sure they are clean and they don't smell.
It would be best to use a residue free shampoo to clean your hair and to keep the original shape intact. These hairstyles are gaining a lot popularity among young men and women, and they are being socially accepted as well. Thus, if you are someone who has dreads or would like to have them, you can definitely try styling your hair that way!

'French Draid' Hairstyles

Dreads which are styled with different French braids are called 'French Draides'. French hairstyles are very beautiful, no matter what hair type they are used on. One of the best ones are braided hairstyles where you can simply braid your dreads either backwards or sideways. Braids will make them look neat and tied up, not giving an usual messy look.
Since, weddings are a formal occasion, it is important that your hair be styled in an organized manner. You can also section your hair in two parts, braid both the sections and then tie them up over each other, making a stylish updo. Adding fancy hair-clips or flowers to the styles can make them more attractive.

Natty Twist Hairstyles

If you are looking for more elegant, yet stylish hairstyles for your dreads, a natty twist could be your pick. Similar to the earlier mentioned hairstyle, section your locks into two parts, straight down the middle, and tie up half the hair, so that you can style the lose section.
Pick the upper part of your hair, gather up the locks sideways and twist them till you reach the back of your head. Make tight twists, and once you are done with the entire side, tie it with a rubber band till you finish the second side.
Do the same with the second side, later holding both the twists together and tying a knot with the ends. You could even make a French twist along with ribbons and the loose ends to make it look more presentable.

Uber Bun Hairstyles

Buns are easy to make, look neat and organized and go with the formal attire. Out of the various types of bun hairstyles which can be used on dreads, one simple option is the Uber bun, where all you have to do is tie a high pony tail for a start. Then using the longest dreads, circle the hair around the rubber band holding the pony tail.
Repeat this first with the long dreads and then the shorter ones, so that the bun looks like a high held bun. If you are a bride trying out this hairstyle, you won't need a tiara on your veil! You could also put a lily in the bun for a beautiful finish.
Hope you have made your choice! Having dreads is not at all an out of the world thing, as it was considered a decade ago, so sport them with these great hairstyles.