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Dresses to Wear to a Day Wedding

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 18, 2018
Wondering what would make a perfect dress for a day wedding? For brides-to-be and guests, here is a short, yet fulling information on what dresses to pick.
For us women, weddings are an occasion to flaunt our finest dresses and showcase our expensive jewelry. If the wedding happens to be that of a close friend or relative, then there is all the more chance to dazzle everyone with your great fashion sense.
So, in case you have a wedding in the family in the near future, you must be busy fretting over your outfits and accessories. If you are a man, then probably choosing a wedding dress would be the last thing on your mind. However, great deal of thought needs to go into choosing dresses to wear to a wedding, even though you are attending it as a guest.

What Dresses to Wear to a Day Wedding

Day weddings often have an air of informality about them. Hence, you would not be expected to wear tuxedos and floor length gowns for such events. Oftentimes, a wedding invitation will mention a dress code for the occasion. If it doesn't, you can take a cue from the invitation card itself.
If it is very traditional with black font on cream paper, then you will probably have a very formal affair. If it looks relaxed and colorful, then you might as well relax and go for a less formal attire. Similarly, the season of the wedding also determines its degree of formality to some extent.
Summer weddings are more of a casual affair while winter weddings have an air of formality. Thus dresses to wear to a wedding as a guest should be chosen with great care.

For Brides

For Guests

As mentioned earlier, daytime weddings are less formal, hence you wouldn't be expected to wear cocktail dresses or evening gowns. Business suits are considered as most apt choice for day weddings.
Choose light, pastel shades such as pink, lemon, blue for summer weddings while deeper shades of purple, burgundy, crimson for winter weddings.
You can also wear knee length skirts with dressy tops and smart jackets. Wear a knitted jacket or a smart cardigan for winter weddings. Knee length floral summer dresses or long flowing skirts in sheer fabric are some other options for beach wedding dress for guests.
Shirt type summer dresses or the more recent bandage dresses are also some of the cute dresses to wear to a wedding. Although you can play with colors for daytime weddings, stay away from black and white as far as possible. Sequins and heavy stone work should also be avoided for day weddings. You can afford to accessorize heavily for day weddings.
While choosing dresses for a day wedding, one should always maintain a degree of decency out of respect for your hosts. Women should avoid plunging necklines and extremely short dresses. Similarly, men should not end up dressing too shabbily for the occasion. Remember, it is better to err on the side of overdressing than turn up too casually dressed.