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How to Dress for a Wedding Reception as a Guest

The following article offers useful information on the dresses to wear to a wedding reception. Read on.
Wedessence Staff
Earlier, dressing up for a wedding reception was easy, as most people had church weddings, followed by formal receptions. But today, there are beach, destination, theme, and all other kinds of weddings, which require guests to dress up accordingly. So, how should men or women, dress up? Listed below are some tips which you will surely find useful.
Stick to the Dress Code
The first thing to look at carefully, is the invitation. Does it mention any dress code? Does it say that you have to dress up formally? If yes, then do as prescribed. Formal dresses include suit and tie/tuxedo for men and full-length gowns for women.
Not Too Casual
You should not be dressed casually for a wedding. Of course, if the invitation specifically states jeans/tees, it is another matter altogether. In case you do not feel like dressing up very formally, you can opt for polo shirts and cotton pants. They do not look as casual as a jeans and yet, are not too formal either. Women can wear one piece knee-length dresses instead of gowns to dress up a bit casually.
Take Cue from Others
Your dresses should in no way make you stand out among the other guests. This, doesn't mean that the outfit should be dull or boring. But, care should be taken that they are not very loud or are in patterns that are too wild, as to overshadow the dresses of the bride and the groom. A good way to zero in on dresses is to ask some of the fellow invitees about what they are wearing and then choosing your dress based on those lines. This way there are few chances that you will ever go wrong with your choice.
Keep the Venue in Mind
The venue plays an important role in the decision regarding what to wear, too. For example, if it is in a hotel's ballroom, nothing less than a formal gown for women and suit/tie for men will do. If it is at a beach, short dresses minus the high heels (heels sink in the sand!) will be the ideal choice. If the wedding is at the poolside, wearing turtlenecks will be considered a blunder. So keep the venue in mind when deciding on the clothes to wear.
Check the Weather
Keep the weather in mind while deciding your outfit. If you are going to a Christmas wedding, keep a warm shawl or a wrap handy to wear over your gown. Men should stick to warm suits to counter the weather. If it's a summer wedding, wear clothes made of lighter and comfortable fabric such as cotton and linen. Check the weather forecast before you go to the wedding, so that any emergencies such as rain can be dealt with beforehand.
Here's hoping that the next time you have a wedding to attend, the above mentioned tips will surely help you out. When it comes to wedding attire as a guest, the rule of thumb is to dress up sensibly.
Stick to the Dress Code