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Planning to Propose? Express it With an Emerald Engagement Ring

Emerald Engagement Rings
Forget diamonds, emeralds are the newest trends when it comes to engagement rings. Here is some information on the meanings and design ideas for engagement rings studded with an emerald.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
A livelier emerald twinkles in the grass, A purer sapphire melts into the sea. ― Tennyson

An emerald is definitely one of the most attractive and most popular gemstones. Colored in bright shiny green color, which is so unique that it is known as the emerald green. So if you are thinking of presenting a ring to your beloved, why not set an emerald in it?
emerald and diamonds
Emerald is as precious as other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, diamond, etc. Although it is more popular for its beauty and attractiveness, there are significant meanings associated with it. In ancient times, it was believed that this stone has healing powers, and hence, people were advised to wear it. Secondly, emerald is the May birthstone and is believed to specifically bring benefits to those born in this month (of course, others can wear it too). Interestingly, emeralds stand for youthfulness, love, and permanence of true love. It is no wonder that King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne to marry his beloved Wallis Simpson, presented her an engagement ring with a large emerald.
Ring Design Ideas
gold, emerald and diamonds
Remember that emerald engagement rings and emerald cut engagement rings are completely different things. An emerald engagement ring is the one made using an emerald (gemstone) as the center stone. On the other hand, emerald cut engagement rings are diamond (or other gemstone) rings where the stone is cut in a square shape (which is the most popular and common shape of emerald, hence the name). Emeralds suit each and every skin type, right from white, pale to olive and even dark. Secondly, emeralds are refractive and always shine brightly in full or even dull lights.
emerald ring
Emerald as a center stone, surrounded by diamonds, is a popular design idea. A square, round, oval, princess cut, asscher cut, heart shaped, etc., are some options that you can choose for the emerald. White diamonds and emeralds perfectly complement each other due to their contrasting colors. Secondly, these rings can be made in white as well as yellow gold. If you wish for an elegant and simple, yet graceful ring, you can go for a solitaire emerald ring.
silver, emerald and diamonds
The price depends on the type of metal used, the size of the stone, number of stones, etc. A ring set in platinum will be expensive, whereas the one set in yellow gold will cost comparatively lesser. A solitaire is also relatively less expensive than a studded ring.
So if you are planning to pop the question to your beloved, do it with a dazzling emerald ring, she will surely be impressed. Good luck!