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Engagement Party Decoration Ideas

Engagement Party Decoration Ideas
An engagement party decoration can be casual or formal, depending upon the choice of the couple. This article provides some interesting decoration ideas for the event.
Bidisha Mukherjee
An engagement is a very important event for a couple where their relationship enters a new phase. It is a moment of joy that the couple might wish to share with friends and family. Mostly, an engagement party is far less formal than a wedding or reception party. The party can be simple or lavish, depending on the budget. However, it is important that the party decorations be elegant and beautiful.

You can make the event a very casual affair by decorating the venue with some bright colorful streamers, balloons, over-sized plastic engagement rings, etc. Here are a few things you can do.

» Banner
A large-sized welcome banner can be put at the entrance gate, to welcome the guests. You can highlight the banner by decorating it with a few colorful balloons. The banner could also look nice on the stage.
» Slogans
To add some fun element to the stage, it can be decorated with some funny slogan(s) written in vibrant colors.
» Flowers
Fresh flowers can make wonderful decorations for the party. You can decorate archways or chairs with flowers like lilies or roses.
» Centerpiece
Bunches of fresh roses in large antique brass vases look wonderful as a centerpiece. Other centerpiece ideas include scented votive candles, glass vase, or fruit centerpieces.
» Photographs
You can add a personalized touch to the party, by placing photographs of the couple all over the venue. You can also put up funny figurines of the couple.
» Theme
If the party idea is based on a theme, then the decoration should be in accordance with that theme. You could even organize a few games depending on the theme. For an antique theme, you can put up antique decorative pieces like copper flower vases, or candle stands made of silver as centerpieces.
Another idea is a nostalgic theme. You can relive the moments of the couple's childhood by putting up a collage of their childhood pictures.
If you chose a romantic theme, then you can decorate it with starry night background, or a sunset background. You can create a starry night look by hanging small white lights on trees all over the venue. Heart-shaped balloons are an important element of this theme. To set the mood, you can use plenty of decorative candles for lighting the entire place.
Preparations for the Party

Any party, be it big or small, needs planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

» Venue
The first thing that needs to be chosen is a suitable venue. An engagement party, being a small event, can be arranged in places with a limited space. Places like your garden, family home, amusement park, or restaurant are good options to host the party.
» Invitations
Since the guest list for the engagement party is much smaller as compared to the wedding, one can opt for handmade invitations. You can make them personalized by putting the couple's pictures. Printed party invitations can be opted as well.
» Gift Etiquette
An engagement party is not a gift-giving event. Hence, gifts are not expected. Those guests who are very close, or those who are going to be unable to make it to your wedding might bring gifts. In case you do not wish to get any gifts, you should specifically mention so on the invitation card.
» Attire
If the engagement party is a theme party, make sure you mention it on the invitation card. This way your guests will be able to dress up accordingly.
To make the party a success, take care of each decoration minutely. Make sure you do not use too many decorative items, and end up making the place look clumsy.
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Eco-Friendly Table Decoration with natural colored candles, plates
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