Engagement Party Favors

Thinking of engagement party favors can be quite difficult, especially when your mind is preoccupied with a long list of things to do for the upcoming wedding. This article enlists some interesting favors that can be given at an engagement party.
Wedessence Staff
An engagement is the start of a special relationship, and so, it is a time to celebrate and let your dear ones know that you will be stepping into a new life very soon. Engagement parties are one of the best parties, as this is when you officially announce your love and soon-to-be marriage. Most engagement parties are thrown in a grand fashion, and all the closest people are invited. All our friends and relatives make it a point to attend the party. So, don't we also owe them something? Engagement party favors are meant for this sole reason only, and are nothing but small gifts which are given as a token of love and gratitude, to the guests who have taken time out from their busy schedule and made it a point to attend your engagement party.
Whilst thinking about engagement as well as wedding favors, a few things should be kept in mind. First is the budget. There will be loads of guests attending, and each one of them should get the gift. So, first decide the budget, and according to it, start looking for the gifts. Secondly, try to buy the same gifts for all the guests.
Brownie Pops
An engagement is a sweet occasion, so, what can be sweeter than ending it by distributing sweet brownie pops! Brownie pops are also one of the most affordable party favors. You can personalize the brownie pops by icing the to-be bride's and bridegroom's names on the brownie. You can also make the brownie pops special by preparing them in accordance with the party theme. For example, if your engagement party is in the month of December, you can make the brownie in blue and white color, to symbolize snowflakes.
Crystal Diamond Tea Light Holders
Crystal tea light holders can prove to be one of the most magnificent favors! Due to the crystal cuts and diamond shape, the tea light holder gets a dazzling look, which is enhanced when the candles are lit. Your guests will surely be tempted to have candle-lit dinners everyday, if these light holders are gifted to them. There are many varieties of crystal diamond tea light holders, but the one which looks the best is the one with a silver stand and a delicate diamond-shaped hollow crystal installed on it. You can also opt for colored crystals.
Martini Glass Sets/Champagne Flutes
A martini glass set is another great idea for a favor. Martini glasses are used on a regular basis. They not only look stylish, but there is also a huge variety to choose from. Champagne flutes can also be given instead of martini glasses. Champagne flutes look more sophisticated in comparison to martini glasses. They can also be given as a symbol of the grand occasion, since champagne is almost synonymous with celebrations.
Beautiful frames are again, another great option. If you don't want to give the usual photo frames, you can opt for something unique like sea-shell photo frames. They are certainly unique and look trendy. You can also choose colored shells over the white shells ones. Wooden photo frames, having designs of flowers and butterflies on them, also look nice.
Some other favors include, key chains, wine stoppers, bookmarks, cookies, etc. More than the gift itself, your feelings on giving them are important.
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Burning candle
Tea light and holder
Cake pops.