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Engagement Party Ideas

If you are planning to host an engagement party for a friend or relative, read on to know some useful engagement party ideas.
Wedessence Staff
When a girl accepts a man's proposal for marriage, it is indeed time to celebrate. And what better way to do that than to throw an engagement party! Although, traditionally the bride's parents hosted it, with changing times, the perception of people about an engagement party has also changed. Today the boy's parents, or even close friends of the girl, can host such a party. Although there are no set rules for hosting it, following guidelines can definitely be of help. Consider the following engagement party ideas to make this special occasion an unforgettable one.
Planning an engagement party is the most important part of celebrating one's engagement. As soon as the date is fixed, decide on the budget and make a guest list. The number of guests will help to decide on the venue, and the food to be served at the party in accordance with the set budget. Send out invitations to the guests way in advance of the engagement date, so that they can plan their days accordingly. Book the venue days before the engagement day, as getting the desired location may become difficult, specially during the summer. After all these considerations have been fulfilled, talk with your friends and family for some tips.
Factors to Consider
  • Theme: A themed engagement party adds to the joy of the occasion. Traditional customs of engagement can also be carried out amidst the settings of a themed party. The most popular themes are a beach party, romantic themes like starry nights or a setting in Paris, humorous themes like meeting the in-laws, nostalgic themes like how the couples attending the party met the first time or went out on their first date, etc. For a themed engagement party, one has to give importance to details like decorations, games, and activities. Ensure that all these elements are integrated.
  • Venue: Unlike a wedding, the guest list in an engagement party is usually smaller. This gives the couple a wide range of locations to choose from, and it could also depend upon the theme. For example, if the theme is a beach party, then it could be held on a beach. Other options are restaurants, family homes, amusement parks, fun centers, gardens, or parks. Besides the theme, the other factors that should be considered before deciding the location are the number of guests and budget.
  • Decorations: Any party is incomplete without proper decorations. Although it can be kept simple using balloons and streamers, an engagement is a joyous affair and everything about it should make the couple, as well as the guests, feel happy. Besides the balloons and streamers, confetti and flowers are also essentials of an engagement party. A banner welcoming the guests could be put up at the entrance. Another banner bearing the name of the couple or some funny slogan could be put up on the stage. The decorations should be in accordance with the theme, in case the party has one.
  • Entertainment: Besides the decorations, the way the guests are entertained can really make an engagement a memorable affair for all. A good quality music system playing nice music can pep up the spirit of the party-goers. For something livelier, one can arrange for a juke box or a DJ. If your budget allows, call in a pianist and let him play pleasant background music. To get your guests more involved, you can arrange for a karaoke. Add more fun to the occasion by arranging for some games.
  • Food: From buffet-style dinner to hiring caterers, the food in an engagement party depends on the tone and theme of the party. Barbecues and potlucks are a great way to keep dining a casual affair. However, with a longer guest list and a varied menu, consider hiring caterers so that you are able to spend time with the guests rather than attending to the final details of the meal.
  • Engagement Gift Ideas: The social and ethnic traditions may govern gift ideas for an engagement party. Though it is not expected, an engagement gift for the couple would be a nice thought. There are some etiquette that you should also be aware of while getting gifts for the couple. You could bring a bottle of wine or champagne for the couple to open and use for the toast. A delicate ring tree can serve as a thoughtful gift, whereas a leather dresser-top tray would provide the man a place to keep his future wedding ring. 
An engagement is a joyous event. Start planning it way in advance, and take into consideration various ideas. Remember the etiquette, so that the occasion turns out to be enjoyable for the couple as well as the guests.
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