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Engagement Ring Styles That Will Always Stay in Fashion

Abbie Faulkner May 3, 2019
Many trends come and go, but in the world of engagements and weddings, there are some engagement rings that will forever have our hearts. And if you're in need of some engagement ring inspiration, keep on reading!

The Trends to Watch

Choosing an engagement or wedding ring is of high priority, and it's one task that you absolutely must get right.

To save yourself having to frantically google ring styles, if you have an idea of what your partner likes, you should be fine. If you don't, however, consider yourself Inspector Morse, and get to her their jewellery fashion.
We're going to have a look at some of the most famous and popular engagement ring styles in the market today. If you're just window shopping, you can sit back and enjoy which rings are grabbing our attention!


The one that will always impress! Solitaire rings are designed with a single diamond which is placed in the centre. They are effortlessly beautiful as they possess simplicity and elegance.
The solitaire engagement ring was on the list as one of the most popular rings of 2018 and it looks quite promising they'll make the cut this year too.

This type of ring is ideal for those who prefer the simpler, but finer things in life.


The halo engagement ring gives the solitaire a very good run for it's money. This type of ring features a bit more glam which makes it incredibly eye catching.

If you're one that thrives off attention, the halo could fit you just perfectly, literally.
The halo ring consists of smaller diamonds which surround the centre stone.

The reason for the smaller diamonds which surround the centre diamond or stone, is because it makes the centre piece appear bigger. With intricate details and a stunning appearance, this ring is suited toward those who don't mind soaking up compliments and attention!


Vintage style has returned this year, and not only in the form of jewellery.

Vintage clothing fashion has become a trend among the younger generation, so we can see them bossing looks left right and centre.
The vintage engagement ring is perfect for those who like something different, and something out of the ordinary.

They boast classic, elegant, and most of all, distinct designs. They are also crafted in a variety of cuts, carats and metals.

Engagement Ring Styles

Of course, there are plenty more ring styles available in the market, but these are the top 3.

Your ring style depends on your own personal preference, your current style, and what meaning you want the ring to have, as although it's pretty obvious, has a different meaning to everyone. Just like love is different for each couple.
If you're still in need of inspiration for potentially popping the big, juicy question, there are quite a few romantic proposal ideas for you to take under your wing and make your own!