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Evening Wedding Attire

Evening Wedding Attire
Dressing appropriately for an evening wedding can be a bit tricky. Here's a helpful guide...
Veethi Telang
Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and rejected every one of your countless outfits while getting ready for a wedding, only to find that, somehow, none of them works? If so, then we're sailing in the same boat. If you have made a laughing stock of yourself by picking up the wrong dress for a wedding in the past, I hear you girl! It's time to sit back and relax while I spill the beans on what garbs go with the mysterious mood of twilight. And you men dozing in the back row, sit up, there's a lot of useful tips for you as well!
For Women
First of all, just pick up the wedding invitation, and pick your dress accordingly. Weddings that have a theme are, though fun, befuddling when it comes to picking up the perfect dress.
To start with, if the wedding is formal, it calls for a regular formal dress code. In this case, nothing's better than knee-length dresses or long evening gowns. A-lines and long evening gowns, particularly the ones that give you a mermaid look, are heart-melting. Pin up your hair, make a bun, wear a beautiful bracelet or bangle with the dress, and high heels. I cannot think of wearing a cocktail dress without heels. Somehow, I'm not confident without the elevated heel. I'm just not myself!
On the other hand, if it's a beach wedding, nothing better than a knee-length floral dress; it gives you a rich look. Wear pearl jewelry with it, and don't forget the high heels. You need not tie your hair this time. Instead, pin up, or leave them disheveled. However, since it's at evening that the wedding's taking place, don't forget to apply beautiful makeup. You may choose to use shades of pink, and brown, or even smoky. The thing about choosing dresses that have floral prints is that they are casual and chic at the same time. However, they are a big no-no for formal parties. Dresses that have hardly one of two colors make for a perfect cocktail dress. Some furs, glitz, and accessories make up for a proper wedding attire.
For Men
Men have it way, way easier than women. Weddings are an easy way to flaunt their tuxedos, black ties, gelled hair, blazers, and whatnot! However, for an evening demanding a formal dress code, black is the color. It's dark, and hence, it's safe. A man dressed in black is every woman's dream (sigh, don't get me in a swoon now!). The perfect wedding attire for men would be a black suit, with a black shirt of course, and a red tie. If red isn't your color, a black tie would do. On the other hand, if it's an informal beach wedding, a shirt that gives you a rich look is the best pick.
However, black may not be everyone's thing, but remember, when it's night, it's got to be dark. Hence, refrain from wearing light-colored suits. Wear it with formal shoes―nicely polished―and please, please, please be clean shaven for the party, unless you are a lookalike of Johnny Depp, and look perfect with a goatee! Lastly, some hair gel would complete your look. Don't make it too funky, lest you end up looking like a rock star forcibly made to don a formal attire for the wedding. Style it nicely, in a formal, swept-back hairstyle.
A subtle perfume is a must, regardless of gender. Both men and women should wear a smooth fragrance that can be your identity for the evening. Also, don't wear anything in white, as it collides with the color of the bridal gown that the bride's donning (this particularly applies to women, but guys, as I said before, black's the color!). Keep it stylish and dark. Do not be too dressy and make a mockery of yourself. Instead, behave maturely, as if you're wearing a queen's wedding gown (trust me, the attitude works!). As for men, suits make you look mature irrespective of your actual maturity. So the least you can do is not spoil the effect by acting in a juvenile manner.
I agree that the bride and the groom should garner all the attention at a wedding. However, in no way should you make compromises in your attire. Personally speaking, I've always picked up vintage dresses as a guest, as they are classic, and remind people of old wine (okay, this really was one of the compliments I got!). So, you need to choose an attire that may not be the best, but the one you look your best in.
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