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Exotic Beaches for a Perfect Wedding by the Sea

Prerana Jamdarkhana Aug 19, 2019
The most important day in everyone's life, we dream of our wedding for as long as we can remember. With joy in heart, sand on feet and a ring on finger, beach weddings are fairy-tale affairs.

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The archipelago off East Africa is a blissful seclusion for you and your partner to start your life together.

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Turks and Caicos Islands

The pristine waters and luxurious resorts make this island on the Atlantic Ocean a popular one even amongst celebrities.


Blossom your romance on the exotic and peaceful shores of Aruba, an island in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Sparkling waters of the Caribbean and lush green all around is a perfect place to hold hands as husband and wife.

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Bora Bora

A love story of Jack and Rose? Exchange your vows on this romantic South Pacific island and create memories for a lifetime.


The Indonesian island is not just a wedding favorite, it is a great place for your honeymoon too. A double!

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How can Maldives not be in the list of best beach weddings when it attracts romantics from all over the globe to tie the knot.

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Breathtaking backdrop of white-and-blue, head to Greece for your special day to make it everlasting.


With its clear blue waters and love-in-the-air vibe, Hawaii is a top-notch option for your wedding.


Picturesque Ireland beaches are ideal for vibrant yet country-side setup for you to say ‘I do’.

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Walk down the aisle to the flamboyant beaches of Goa and make your perfect dream come true.


Fancy and fun, Bahamas on the Atlantic Ocean is a pick for the cool bride-groom in you!