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Famous Expensive Wedding Dresses - The Prices Will Make You Dizzy

Famous Expensive Wedding Dresses
Expensive wedding dresses are the whims and fancies of the élite and royal class. Celebrities, royal families, and others from the rich and famous belt desire to have extravagant weddings, for which they will be remembered forever. Here is a Wedessence article that will give you details on some of the most gorgeous and expensive gowns worn.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
"When I decided to get married at 40, I couldn't find a dress with the modernity or sophistication I wanted. That's when I saw the opportunity for a wedding gown business."        ― Vera Wang  

A wedding gown is something that is priceless to the bride. It's something that she longs to see herself in, ever since pigtail days. Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding gown and on that nuptial day, glows as she walks down the aisle. Wedding dresses are cherished by brides all their lives. While some prefer to have a simple wedding gown, some want it to be an absolute show-stopper. They invest in beautiful, expensive dresses to get that special feel at their wedding. They want their gown and wedding to be the center of everybody's attention.
However, those from the royal and elite class, desire to have wedding gowns, that will take people's breath away! They go that extra ten miles with their check book, to get the most-talked about wedding gown in the century! Let's have a look at some really expensive wedding dresses in the world.
Princess Diana's Wedding Gown

Cost: $115,000

Designers: Elizabeth Emanuel and David Emanuel

Highlights: Over 10,000 sequins and pearls, antique and handcrafted lace, ivory silk taffeta, and gold embroidered 25-foot long trail.

Worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1981, this wedding gown is the most sought-after wedding dress in the world, and its value is priceless! The true value of this dress has never been disclosed. Designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel, this wedding gown has been made from antique lace and ivory silk taffeta. It has been studded with over 10,000 pearls and sequins, and has gold embroidery on its 25-foot long trail.
Kim Kardashian's Givenchy Gown

Cost: $500,000

Designer: Riccardo Tisci

Highlights: Sheer lace sleeves along with sheer panels at the waist, and the lace dress also has a sheer back along with a long trail.

Before the world could see the photos from Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding, the fans of her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians were given a glimpse of the Givenchy dress. And if that wasn't enough, the couple had the ceremony in front of a floor-to-ceiling white flower backdrop.
Diamond Wedding Gown

Cost: $12 million

Designer: Renée Strauss

Highlights: 150 carats of diamonds, rare rhinestones and rhinestone-laced veil.

Wedding dress guru and owner of a highly successful, bridal salon in Beverly Hills, Renée Strauss partnered with rare jewel dealer, Martin Katz and etched her way into history, by creating one of the most gorgeous, sparkling wedding gowns known to man. Studded with 150 carats of diamonds, the gown wasn't designed for a particular bride, instead, was designed for the 2006 Bridal Show, held in The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, near Rodeo Drive. This gown has been adorned by scores of diamonds and rhinestones, that raised the cost to a whooping 12 million US dollars, thereby making it the most expensive wedding gown in the world. The gown has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Model Lisa Harrington was chosen to flaunt the most expensive wedding gown in the world. The dress has not yet been sold, and is still awaiting its perfect bride!
White Gold Wedding Dress

Cost: $8.5 million

Designer: Yumi Katsura

Highlights: Over 1,000 pearls, a green 8.8-carat diamond emblem, and one of the world's only two, 5-carat white gold or platinum gemstones.

Designed by the famous Japanese designer, Yumi Katsura, this gown takes the second place in the world's most expensive wedding dresses category. Made from exquisite satin and silk fabric, this gown is studded with over thousand pearls, one green 8.8-carat diamond and a 5-carat white gold gemstone, which happens to be one of the two present in the world. Just like the diamond wedding gown, this wedding gown is also awaiting her bride. Yumi Katsura's latest collection includes a wedding dress with lights!
Grace Kelly's Wedding Gown

Cost: $65,000

Designer: Helen Rose

Highlights: 100 yards of finest silk net, 25 yards of taffeta, Valenciennes rose point lace, thousands of seed pearls, and 90-yard long veil.

Designed by American designer, Helen Rose, Grace Kelly's wedding dress, still continues to inspire brides across the globe, including Kate Middleton and Ivana Trump. This gown with its high collar and fitted-bodice, is regarded as the most sophisticated wedding gown ever worn by any bride.
Danasha Luxury Gown

Cost: $1.5 million

Designer: Jad Ghandour

Highlights: 75 carat diamond handset, in 18 carat gold and belted waistline.

An elegant creation of the Lebanese fashion designer, Jad Ghandour and Danasha Luxury, this wedding gown has been designed for all those modern women, who wish to have a frill-free wedding. Modeled by Natasha Pruszynski, this Danasha luxury gown was unveiled at the Miami International Fashion week, in the year 2010. According to the designer, they wanted to create a luxurious wedding gown, without making it look 'overwrought' or 'costumey'. The specialty of this dress is that each part of the dress can be detached and used separately!
Peacock Wedding Dress

Cost: $1.5 million

Designer: Vera Wang

Highlights: 2009 peacock feathers and 60 Haitian jade stones

Unveiled at a wedding expo in China, this unusual wedding gown has been designed by Vera Wang. Made from 2009 peacock feathers, to commemorate the 2009 Chinese New Year, this wedding dress is not among the world's prettiest wedding gowns. It took eight designers to complete this dress in a period of two months. Besides peacock feathers, this dress has 60 Haitian jade stones as embellishment.
Amal Alamuddin's Wedding Gown

Cost: $380,000

Designers: Oscar de la Renta

Highlights: A custom-made ivory beaded-tulle ball gown with Chantilly-lace appliqué along with long veil (same lace and beading as the dress) and trail.

Amal did try to throw everyone, including paparazzi, in the wrong direction when she was spotted visiting the Alexander McQueen headquarters in September 2014. Even though, later on it was revealed that not designer Sarah Burton, but in fact, Oscar de la Renta would be designing her dress after all.
Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen Gown

Cost: $416,700

Designer: Sarah Burton

Highlights: Made from luxurious fabrics such as French Chantilly, ivory and white satin gazar, hand-cut English Cluny lace, 9-foot long trail, and a diamond tiara.

Designed by English designer, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, this iconic lace and satin wedding gown was appreciated by even the toughest critics. This high-waisted, satin-bodice gown with full sleeves and long, dramatic trail, has become the 'most copied wedding dress' of all times.
Platinum Wedding Gown

Cost: $400,300

Designer: Mauro Adami

Highlights: Platinum-based material, worked with silk threads.

Designed by Italian designer, Mauro Adami, this wedding gown is sewn with platinum and silk thread, in the year 2008. The bodice is made from 40m platinum fabric, whose texture is Mikado weaving, that has been worked with silk threads. The gown was designed to be a part of the Domo Adami collection, in 2008.
Catherine Zeta-Jones' Wedding Dress

Cost: approx. $140,000

Designer: Christian Lacroix

Highlights: Chantilly lace trail, low-cut bodice, 6-foot long trail, and diamond tiara.

This ivory-beaded, satin sheath, wedding gown was designed by Christian Lacroix, for Catherine Zeta-Jones' wedding to Michael Douglas in the year 2000. The gown was made with beaded duchess satin, which was sewn with superior quality silk thread. It had diamonds and jewels attached to it, besides the 6-foot long, fishtail Chantilly lace trail.

Victoria Beckham's Wedding Gown

Cost: $100,000

Designers: Vera Wang

Highlights: A structured ball-gown wedding dress, cross necklace, and gold and diamond crown, called East of Paris designed by Slim Barrett.

While marrying the football stud, David Beckham, back in 1999, Victoria wore a strapless ball-gown dress. Interesting fact, after all these years, she still has the dress in her closet and hopes to give it to their daughter Harper one day.

Melania Knauss' Wedding Gown

Cost: $125,000

Designer: John Galliano

Highlights: 50-pound wedding dress with 300 feet of material, and 1,500 crystal rhinestones and pearls.

Designed by John Galliano of Christian Dior, this white duchess satin gown was so heavy that Melania Knauss had to sit on a bench, instead of a chair. Her gown had a 13-foot trail along with a 16-foot long veil.

Jessica Biel's Wedding Gown

Cost: $100,000+

Designer: Giambattista Valli

Highlights: Frothy untraditional pink dress with pink floral motif and ruffles, and a veil which consisted of the bride's heirloom pearls.

For her big day, Jessica Biel had a nontraditional pink strapless gown of silk mousseline and silk organza that had light pink floral motif and ruffles. Along with the wedding gown, Biel also wore 4 looks with shoes and clutches from Giambattista Valli's S/S 2013 collection during events that lead up to the ceremony.
Cost - $80,000

Kim Kardashian (Kris Humphries)
Cost - $75,000 (4 gowns)

Keely Shaye Smith
Cost - $60,000

Zim Zolciak
Cost - $58,000

Jennifer Aniston
Cost - $50,000

Tori Spelling
Cost - $50,000

Katie Holmes
Cost - $50,000

Liza Minelli
Cost - $45,000

If you really want to invest in an expensive gown, then make sure you get one of the leading designers in the world, who can literally come up with the wedding dress of your dreams! You can also look for expensive wedding dresses online as there is a large variety for you to choose from.
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