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Explore the Gamut of Bridal Sarees

Nidhi Shekhawat Sep 25, 2019
Sarees are the go-to options for women while getting married. Some communities prefer lehenga or salwar, but the vast majority of women love sarees over anything. Drapes are elegant, graceful, and bring out the femininity of women in the best possible way. In this story, we shall discover saree ideas for the soon-to-be-brides. Let’s have a look!

Graceful Golden Bridal Saree

Some love the gold shade, some disapprove it, but none can ignore this hue, such is its charisma!.
A saree in gold is just the right pick for you if you have been a fashionista throughout. You can easily get this type of designer sarees online. This shade gives a diva an added oomph while it is high on the traditional-quotient at the same time.

Precious Pearl: Saree in Splendid White

If you love colors, then a splendid white saree with heavy embellishments or zari work is just the thing for you.
Feeling confused? It is because ‘white’ is the source of all color and is considered pure and sacred among the ethnic groups. You can as well opt for a white saree with stonework to look like a stunner on your D-day.

Fuse it Up: Fusion Wear Saree

Ever noticed the women on the ramp walking confidently wearing unusual outfits? Well, they do it because they are the trendsetters.
And if you want to make a strong fashion statement, then you can select a fusion look for your wedding day. Match a saree with a crop-top and take the pallu in a non-conventional way to make a statement.

Peachy Floral Flamboyance

The color peach is so in these days that we would go as far as to say ‘Peach is the New Black.’ The gamut of Indian wedding sarees has witnessed a huge inclusion of peach sarees.
If you are a to-be bride who finds peach appealing, you can choose it with exquisite floral motifs designed on it. This type of designer saree is ruling the charts these days.

Luscious Red and Gold: An Eternal Love story

India is the country where sarees originated. The combination of red and gold has been casting a spell on the Indian masses.
This combination is classy, traditional, and one that is approved of by our sages and ancestors. Intricate Zari (golden thread) detailing on a red saree is just the thing to settle for if you want to take the traditional way.

Bring on the Bling and Sizzle it with Silver

This isn’t the most popular choice for a Indian wedding saree. It needs a degree of confidence and poise to carry it right.
However, if you want to go for a shimmery saree in silver on your wedding day, then we admire your out-of-the-box fashion sense. This saree has a modern touch, and you shall look superb in it.

The Bengal Bride

Bengali Brides prefer Banarasi sarees over everything. These are silks with the thread work of pure gold and silver on them.
However, if you want to look like a true Bengali woman, you can drape a red and white saree with zari work to be the epitome of grace on your wedding day.