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Jazz Up Your Big Day: Spectacular Fall Flowers Meant for Weddings

Fall Flowers for Weddings
These days many brides are opting for fall wedding, for fall is the season of colorful, vibrant flowers. Fall wedding decoration can give you a pleasant variation from the usual snow white wedding decoration. Fall flowers can add a hint of magic on your special day.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
The Ultimate Choice for Fall Wedding Flowers
Fall flowers are available in almost every color in the rainbow. You can choose from a locally available variety or you may also ship in some exotic varieties. The selection of fall flowers for wedding would primarily be based upon

-Your wedding budget
-The type of wedding ceremony, whether outdoors, indoors, formal, informal etc
-Wedding theme
-Other décor

You'll find ample choice in fall wedding flowers for wedding for each of the wedding décor.
Calla Lilies
Calla Lilies
The quintessential charm of calla lilies is sure to take your wedding decorations to an altogether different level. These dainty flowers are an epitome of femininity and elegance. Moreover, you get them in an array of colors, so that you can match them with your wedding theme. Bright yellow, rustic orange, vibrant pink and purple calla lilies look absolutely gorgeous for fall wedding decorations.
Think of a way to pep up your wedding decorations and the name of orchids often comes first to your mind. These exotic flowers exude warmth and happiness. Their beautiful color palette can complement any wedding theme. Choose from purple, pink, blue, white orchid flowers to lift the mood of your fall wedding.
Roses are available in every season and in every hue imaginable. They can prove to be an apt choice for your fall wedding due to their beautiful blossom and colors. Most brides prefer to go for rose bouquets in colors such as burgundy, purple, bright pink, orange etc., for their fall weddings. Besides, roses also add a hint of elegance and class to any decoration.
Complementing Flowers
Complementing Flowers
Fall wedding decorations are usually characterized by a melange of different flowers, rather than a single dominant variety. Thus, complementing flowers also play a huge part in fall decorations. The above mentioned flowers can be beautifully teamed with varieties such as carnations, gerbera, dahlias, hydrangeas, dendrobiums etc.
Carnations look absolutely stunning with roses in bouquets while the large bloom of dahlias and gerbera serve as a perfect backdrop for wedding altars. Hydrangea centerpieces in delicate shades such as pink, white and purple look awesome.
Using Fall Flowers in Wedding Decorations
For Bouquets
Bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquets are always a center of attention in weddings. Needless to say, you should put in a lot of creativity while arranging fall flowers in wedding bouquets. The best thing about fall flowers is that, they give you a lot of variety in terms of colors, shape, size of flowers, etc.
For Altar Display
Magnificently decorated altar displays add a great deal to wedding décor. Let the mood of autumn reflect on your altar as well. Large flowers like gladiolas, dahlias and carnations in deep red or orange colors truly invite autumn to your wedding. Similarly, varying shades of tulips with lilies look absolutely stunning on altar display. There are several varieties of lilies such as white Asiatic, Casa Blanca and Mango calla lilies that are exclusively used for wedding decorations.
For Centerpieces
centerpiece decoration
Centerpieces located at strategic places decorated with beautiful fall flowers definitely add to the ambiance of wedding. However, while choosing fall flowers for centerpieces, avoid large flowers of single variety. Instead go for small, bright flowers of different varieties. Assortment of flowers such as red peonies, freesia, stephanotis, daphne, etc., look great on centerpieces with tulle tablecloths. Moreover, you can also combine them with ornamental kale leaves or fig leaves.
Other Popular Fall Wedding Flowers
You can make garlands and other wedding decorations from some lesser known fall flowers. They make a pretty picture on your wedding day. You can choose from any of the following flowers:

-Hocus Pocus
-Terra Cotta
-Winter Jasmine
Fall flowers depict exuberance and flamboyance. These vibrant flowers definitely pep up the mood in the wedding hall by creating a cheerful ambiance. The orange, pink, purple, fuchsia colors come as a welcoming change from the usual dull snow white decoration. Thus, if you wish to bring the extravagance of autumn to your wedding, then get married in fall!
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