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Cake Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Mamta Mule Oct 19, 2018
When planning a fall wedding, cake designs and decorations are something you might not want to miss out on. Here are some lovely ideas you could use ...
Cakes are an important part of the wedding celebrations; hence, every couple would wish to have a special piece for their wedding. Adding various decorative elements and different shades that complement the fall theme are the basic things that need to be considered in the cake designs.

With Flowers

Gracing up the cake with flowers of this season is the best idea. You can have the lovely roses that are just perfect to enhance any style. Have these in colors of this season such as orange, burnt orange, burgundy, tomato red, bright yellow, and other deep colors. You can have the base color of the cake in the lightest tone of yellow or orange.
Icing your cake with mini calla lilies is another great idea for decorating. Calla lilies are often associated with weddings in terms of themes or bridal bouquets, and having them to embrace the cake is a classic idea. Icing of other flowers that you can have are hydrangea and hypericum.

With Leaves

Well, cakes can be never finished without the leaves of this season. These give an ultimate feel of this season. Having said that, the icing in shapes of maple leaves all over the cake, or just at the base of the cake will instantly give a lovely touch to the cake.
Have oak, maple, and other fall leaves in some classy shades of orange, red, yellow, gold, etc, for the decoration. Give it a finishing touch with dark chocolate-colored branches.

With Fruits

Icing in the shape of acorns, gourds, cranberries, grapes, and apples are perfect to spruce up a cake. One idea is to have all of these on one side, at each level of the three-tier cake, and decorate the rest of the sides with curvy-wine patterns. Again, choosing the right base color is of great importance to have the best-looking cake.
Also, a pumpkin can't be forgotten while you plan the fall-themed wedding cakes. Having the cake in shape of a pumpkin and shades of orange is an awesome idea. You can also choose to have a 2-3 tier cake wherein, each tier will be pumpkin-shaped. Embellish it with fall leaves and flowers as well.

Color Combinations

Well, you cannot forget about adding the right colors to the cake frosting. There is any need to mention the list of fall colors that you can consider for the icing, you can choose what you like best. Basically, a right combo of the base color, and that of the icing used for aforementioned designs, is an essential thing.
  • Pairing a white chocolate cake with bright-colored, fruit-shaped icing is a classic idea. White color will give an elegant look to the cake.
  • You can also opt for faint orange or yellow color base, and then have icing of fall leaves and flowers in darker tones.
  • Also, a white base is perfect for having icing of only burgundy or burnt-orange roses, or just grapes, or only the bright orange maple leaves. This idea is surely going to help you have extremely cute and unique cakes.
You can also consider the airbrushing technique on the base icing to draw lovely fall designs, instead of having the regular icing. You can also have a yellow base and icing designs in shades of orange.
So, these were a few ideas on decorating cakes for the fall season. Adding the right flavor along with these ideas is sure to help you have a perfect cake ready for your wedding!