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Elegant Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Vibhuti Gatha Oct 21, 2018
Are you planning your wedding in the wonderful season of fall (autumn)? Need some ideas for fall wedding centerpieces? Read on for some interesting tips and ideas.
With the changing color of leaves, fall is a beautiful season to plan your wedding. The season is all about rich colors, and choosing such a wedding theme can be a lot of fun.
Fall wedding centerpieces are an important part of the wedding decorations. The centerpiece sets the mood of your wedding. As it is the focal point of a wedding reception, it is important to choose the right wedding centerpiece.
While selecting a fall wedding centerpiece, the primary consideration should be the wedding theme, the wedding color (color of bridesmaids' dresses, cake, decoration, table linen, etc.) size of the table and your budget. There are lots of ideas for attractive centerpieces. Let's take a quick look at them.

Ideas for Fall Wedding Centerpieces

There are a myriad of options like apples, wine, fall flowers, etc. You can easily choose a centerpiece that matches your wedding theme from one of the ideas listed here.

Centerpieces with Flowers

Colorful chrysanthemums, beautiful purple and blue hydrangeas, bright yellow sunflowers, and the all-year-round favorite roses are a few fall wedding flowers. They can be used alone or can be paired and placed in containers, or you can use them in bouquets. 
Apart from using traditional vases, use different containers like fish bowls, bird cages, and bottles. Try matching it with the wedding theme.
Chrysanthemums can be hung above the table or can be used individually in the centerpiece. Hydrangea works well when paired with chrysanthemums and roses. Sunflower looks great when paired with other fall flowers.

Centerpieces with Pumpkins

A pumpkin centerpiece is one of my favorite. You can arrange small pumpkins, pressed leaves, fruits and nuts at the center of the table. You can take a large pumpkin and cut off the stem and top of the pumpkin. Hollow the pumpkin and use it as a vase to hold your flower. Another idea is to make a hanging pumpkin candle holder or a Jack o' Lantern.
Steps to Make a Pumpkin Candle Holder
  • Take a medium-sized pumpkin. Hollow the pumpkin by scooping out the flesh and seeds.
  • Using a 1/4'' drill, make a pattern consisting of holes all around the pumpkin.
  • Now, drill three small holes of about 1/2'' from the top edge of the pumpkin using a 1/8'' drill.
  • Drill the holes in a triangular configuration and make sure they are spaced evenly around the perimeter of the pumpkin.
  • Attach strings to the hole and tie a secure knot.
  • The pumpkin candle holder is ready. Place candles in the hollowed pumpkin and hang them.
  • For a Jack o' Lantern, cut the top of the pumpkin in the traditional zigzag pattern.
You can be creative by attaching fall flowers to the brim of the pumpkin or by coloring the pumpkin with copper, gold, or silver acrylic paint to give it a dramatic look.

Centerpieces with Fruits

Fall fruits like apples, pears, cranberries, etc., can be used in centerpieces. You can purchase decorative baskets of different shapes and sizes, probably of earthy tones like golden red, brown, or yellow. For a truly unique look, you could fill the fall fruits in long shallow dishes.
This elegant wedding centerpiece could be a perfect wedding favor to guests from your side. Another idea would be to combine the green apples or pears with flowers for classic fall centerpieces. Fill the clear glass vases with whole fruit and add fall flower stems to the vase for a floral look.
A fantastic idea would be to submerge grapes in a glass vessel and then float rose petals or floating candles over the water. Another unique centerpiece idea is to place sliced citrus fruits in your centerpiece containers.
Fill a hurricane glass vase with water and insert the flower stem using florist foam, and slide fruit slices between the foam and the glass. You can mix and match the color of fruits and flowers. Fall fruits prove to be amazing ideas for wedding centerpieces.

Centerpieces with Leaves

Wedding centerpieces wouldn't be complete without the dazzling fall leaves. Collect the fall leaves, and in order to make them waterproof, dip them in paraffin wax and dry them. Place these leaves in a wide and shallow glass container, and fill this container with water and floating candles. Then gently float the leaves in it.
A stoneware or copper material container would also go well with the fall wedding theme. For a modern look, place the hardened leaves in the square glass vase, and on the top, place a layer of small flowers or hang vines.

Centerpieces with Colors of the Fall

For a modern look, you can place tall centerpieces. Choose colors such as gold, bronze, copper, maroon, red, or orange, depending on which color matches your wedding color. These centerpieces are narrow and occupy less space on the table. You can also place the wedding favors besides it. Another idea would be to spread fall leaves around the centerpiece.
The fall wedding centerpieces you choose must highlight your favorite aspect of fall. With a bit of creativity, you can find the centerpiece that perfectly matches your wedding decorations. Whichever centerpiece you choose, do not forget to spread the leaves to add a fall feel.