Fall Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

Mamta Mule Oct 19, 2018
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A table with a centerpiece looks classy and eye-catching. It also complements the decorations of the venue, making it look beautiful.
Decorations are one of the primary things to take care of during a wedding. Having the area decorated according to a wedding theme is something that needs no mention. If you are having a fall wedding, the decorations of the season are sure to look impressive.
With elements of fall being used, the wedding space will have a well-defined look. Centerpieces which are quite prominent must be arranged properly to highlight the wedding theme. Here are some inexpensive ideas that you can use to make your own centerpiece.

Inexpensive Centerpieces for a Fall Wedding

Using Leaves and Fruits

Take a round flower vase and add fruits like apples, avocados, grapes, cranberries, kiwis, maple fruits, and many others, for a colorful centerpiece as the wedding decoration. Add water in this vase. Decorate it with a colored or metallic satin ribbon. You can also take a flat round glass bowl and collect some large and medium-sized fall leaves.
Then, take some miniature fall fruits like acorns, apples, and pears. Start arranging the fruits in the center of the bowl. Mount them to form a pyramid of fruits. Balance the colors by arranging the fruits properly. Now, take the fall leaves and tuck them between the fruits to create a lovely centerpiece.
Start by tucking maple and oak leaves around the circumference of the bowl, so that the rim isn't visible. You can sprinkle some silver shimmer over the centerpiece or add thin metallic ribbons.

Using Pumpkins

Take a wide plate, a medium-sized pumpkin, and some maple leaves. You can also use artificial leaves that do not dry, but remain glossy.
Empty out the pumpkin and clean the leaves. Place the pumpkin in the center of the bowl. Now, place maple leaves around the base of the pumpkin from all the sides. Add some cranberries over the leaves. Also, tuck some curly twigs between the leaves.

Using Metallic Paints

Get some curly fall twigs and a narrow glass vase. Also, get artificial maple leaf stems. Rub the leaves with sandpaper to roughen their surfaces. Now, take metallic gold, silver, and bronze paint. Acrylic paints are a good option.
Start painting the leaves with the golden and bronze colors. Color the twigs in bronze or silver. Cover the vase with golden paper. Tie a silver ribbon around the mouth of the vase. Put the leaves and twigs into the vase and arrange them properly.
These centerpieces can give the wedding venue a refreshing look. It will give a classy look to every table they are placed on.