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Fall Wedding Centerpieces with Branches

Medha Godbole Oct 21, 2018
If you are having a wedding in the fall, then going in for centerpieces based on the season is a good idea. Let's see how to use and decorate these using branches.
A fall wedding is preferred by many brides-to-be because of the beautiful colors and the lovely climate. One can also theme the wedding around fall colors like blazing brown, burnt orange, maroons, reds, burgundy, and many more.
These can be used in every aspect of the wedding, including the table settings. Centerpieces are the best for experimenting and decorating with these colors. Here are a few ideas for the same.

Flower Power

Combine small branches with flowers or better still, if you have planted flowering bushes or trees, like lilac, apple, or even cherry, you can cut the branches with the flowers carefully and arrange them as a centerpiece.
But that is of course, if the flowering bushes are in bloom at that time and you are able to cut branches without damaging the growth of the plant thereafter. In case all this is not possible, a blossoming branch look, where flower blooms are wired to the branches can be used as centerpieces.

Floral Delight

It is important to remember that when you are looking at making arrangements with flowers and branches, the flowers need to be hardy enough. Coming back to wedding centerpieces, though, another thing which can be done with flowers and branches is to have a draping of wild flowers in tandem mossy wood branches.
You can also have centerpieces with pumpkins, or other fruits if you are not going to use flowers. It will add a unique touch to the decorations.

Woody Tales

Another thing which can be done is to have thin branches with small flowers tucked into its crevices and cracks. What you can do is use the branches as the base for arranging flowers. So in that case you can use a hollow vertical bark, considerably thin to arrange the flowers. This will make an inexpensive centerpiece, where the bark will act like a vase.

Leafy Liaisons

It is not necessary that you would get real flowers and leaves for the centerpieces.
An equally good option then is to have artificial fall leaves as a decorating element around the vase on the table. This will be great to add color and depth to the centerpieces. Along with that you can have silk ribbons and branches to go with the vases to make a fantastic wedding centerpiece.

All About Branches

Well, the mentioned ideas where the branches were not the only decorating element. Now if you want to the wedding decorations to revolve around just the branches, then the first thing you have to keep in mind is choosing a branch in tune with your overall d├ęcor, for instance you can have willows.
If it's a tropical setting, the surroundings can be accentuated with the help of bamboo, palm blades, or even banana stems with the branches.
There are many more such ideas. You can get more such fall centerpiece ideas at a wedding planner's. You can even get ideas for a budget on the internet.