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Pumpkin Centerpieces for Fall Weddings

Girija Shinde Oct 21, 2018
Pumpkins are a favorite choice when it comes to making multiple pieces of decoration for fall weddings. Here are some ideas to make centerpieces with pumpkins and make them look presentable and classy.
Fall is unarguably the best season to celebrate. The weather is pleasant and the atmosphere's beautiful. And so it is the season of plenty. Organizing a fall wedding is not very difficult, especially the decoration bit, as the beautiful surroundings add to the beauty of the decor.
One important accessory for any wedding are the centerpieces. They are generally in accordance with the theme or the season in which the wedding is held. There can't be a better theme than the fall season, and so these should be related to it and pumpkins are the first thing that comes to one's mind.
These delicious fruits are not just meant for pies and Halloween. So let's add them to your reception to create some beautiful ambiance. When choosing pumpkins for this, make sure they are not very ripe as the ripe ones can attract insects and also smell fruity. Though they smell yummy, it can decrease the aroma of a delectable spread.

Centerpiece Ideas


Jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins are like equivalents, and so they deserve a mention here. If your wedding dates are around Halloween, then this is the centerpiece for you! And even otherwise, jack-o-lanterns are apt to the season and occasion.
If you are not excited about the Halloween kind of a look, do not carve faces. Instead use your creativity and carve something related to a wedding. Wedding rings, hearts, or the bride and bridegroom's initials are suitable. This can be done at home, but you will need a little practice and some prior experience.

Pumpkin Tree

You will need small fake trees for making these centerpieces. Glue real mini pumpkins to these trees and spread foliage around them along with berries and nuts. You can stick the table numbers or thank you notes on them for the guests. To make it more attractive, stick dark-colored leaves under the mini pumpkins and glue them to the trees.


This is creative. Cut the stalk and the upper part of pumpkin as you cut the lid. Take a spoon and hollow the pumpkin. Now take a plastic container that can fit inside, cut a foam paper of the size of the container. Now gently place the plastic container inside and then the flowers are to be placed in this container.
The gardening foam should also be placed inside the pumpkin. Pour water and then place fresh fall flowers like pansies, marigold, or aster inside. Your pumpkin vase is ready. If you are making these in advance, coat the interior with a moisturizer.

Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

It is not a mandate to use only large pumpkins, as even the mini ones can be used. You can make a pyramid using them.
Start gluing the smaller pumpkins in the shape of a pyramid, and you are done. That is simple yet rare. Another simple idea is to fill a tall transparent vase with mini pumpkins and spread dried leaves around them.
These were some of the best ideas for centerpieces with pumpkins for a fall wedding. Do add your creativity to these ideas and make the wedding decor more personalized and unique.