11 Enchanting Fall Wedding Color Schemes You'll Adore Right Away

Fall Wedding Color Schemes
Fall is one of the best times for flowers as you let the season influence almost all the aspects of a wedding preparation. With Wedessence, you will find the prettiest and heartwarming fall wedding color schemes that will leave everyone breathless.
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Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018
Having the ceremony or reception outdoors?
Chances are, your bridesmaids may feel a bit cold and may not give their best during picture time. To avoid this, give each of the girls a complementing pashmina to keep them warm.
Wedding Cake With Flowers
Planning a wedding is a huge task in itself. Regardless of it being a grand celebration or an intimate affair, a bride-to-be has countless checks to make before she can truly relax and enjoy her special day. Out of these various 'checks', one such factor is the color scheme.
For a fall wedding, the season is an inspiration in itself and can give you tons of ideas without having to go through an extensive research. But, if you're looking for additional help, we have got all the suggestions and tips ready for you. With 11 fall wedding color schemes, we have tried to lessen your burden of making this big decision.
11 Gorgeous Fall Palette
The changing leaves, the amazing photo ops, and with the summer winds finally bidding us adieu, fall weddings are always a popular choice among many brides-to-be. If you are planning on having a grand or intimate wedding of your own, then take a look at the color schemes you can choose from.
Blue ivory gold fall wedding colors
Bronze fall wedding colors
Orange ivory fall wedding colors
Blue green ivory wedding colors
Cranberry orange wedding colors
Navy blue ivory wedding colors
Emerald gold ivory wedding colors
Purple wedding colors
Teal ivory wedding colors
Cranberry yellow green wedding colors
Cranberry powder blue wedding colors
6 Myth Busters
Even though we've given you 11 breathtaking color schemes to work with, there are a few questions or concerns in some brides-to-be's minds about what they can and cannot do for their wedding. Here are some myths about fall weddings you should be clear about.
Wedding Ceremony
You can have an outdoor ceremony complete with natural foliage backdrop. However, be prepared for any 'natural' issues. Ask your guests to get a warm wraps or light sweaters along, place heat lamps around the venue, or set up a fire pit as well.
Wedding Venue On The Beach
Even though we have given some amazing ideas inspired by the season, you don't necessarily have to stick to it. If your heart is set on spring pastes or bright colors, you can definitely go ahead with them. It's your wedding, after all, and no one can judge you for the choices.
Floral arrangement in basket
Dahlias, gomphrena, ranunculuses, calla lilies, roses, feverfew, cymbidium orchids, scabiosa pods, mango callas, phalaenopsis orchids, tulips, and many other flowers are popular. However, since being in season, the bouquets and boutonnières made with these flowers can run the cost up. So, if you wish to stay in budget, you can easily choose bouquets and loose flowers from supermarkets.
Bride With Bridesmaids At Garden
Your bridesmaids don't necessarily have to wear heavy silk or satin dresses. You can easily opt for chambray, cotton voile, or even rayon challis.
Wedding ceremony
Do a little research so that you can avoid having the wedding celebrations between or during holiday weekends.
Nice Boutonniere
You can ask the groomsmen to wear dark suits, or try a different approach by having them wear crisp button-down shirts with complementing pants, bow ties or ties, suspenders, and shoes.
All these ideas, tips, and suggestions making your head spin? Take a deep breath (maybe more than one), and think about this in a different way―will I be happy with my choice 5, 10, or 20 years from now? If you are satisfied with a particular color scheme, don't let anyone tell you different.
Wedding Bouquet With Roses
Empty Wedding Chairs
Wedding Ceremony Decorations Flowers
Bride Bouquet
Beautiful Wedding Bouquet
Flower Boutonniere On Formal Black Tuxedo
Wedding Button Hole And Cravat
Bridal Bouquet