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Fabulous Fall Wedding Colors

Deepa Kartha Oct 6, 2018
If you are planning for an autumn wedding, know that there are some gorgeous wedding theme colors available for the same. Choosing the right colors will add an elegant look to your fall wedding.
Fall, also known as autumn, is the period between late September to December. It is the time when the trees start shedding their leaves. Though earlier, weddings were held during the first half of the year, nowadays more and more couples are opting to get married during the season of autumn.
One great advantage of having an autumnal wedding is that this season awards nature with beautiful, rich colors which can brighten your wedding day.
The basic color palette of fall colors includes jewel tones of orange, green, red, purple, brown, and coffee colors. Some of the variations of these colors include royal hues of rich red, gold, wheat, taupe, burgundy, copper, rust, marigold, bronze, mocha, and sage green.
The best thing to do is to have a combination of two fall colors to make your wedding special. Here are some color schemes that you can use, for everything, from your wedding decorations to your bridesmaid dresses.


Orange and green, being the basic colors of the fall theme, will look wonderful together.
Having orange bridesmaid dresses will add a dash of brightness to your wedding. Incorporating green leaves in your floral decoration and bouquet will make them look very beautiful.


Add brown and purple color combination to give your wedding a very elegant and rich look.
A chocolate wedding cake will be an excellent idea to match with the theme. Decorations in the shades of brown or purple will look stunning.


Couples who prefer a sober yet elegant theme can opt for slightly lighter hues of green and coffee color.
Olive green decorations will definitely look exquisite on the backdrop of the fall theme. If you want to add some color to your wedding ensemble, try olive green shoes. Green or coffee colored delicate bridal jewelry will add oomph to your already elegant bridal gown.


Another rich combination is the theme of brown and red colors. Floral decoration in red colors will look stunning.
Bridesmaid dresses and shoes in this theme will also look very pretty. Table decoration in this particular theme is also a good option.


This combination looks magnificent. Florals add a mesmerizing effect. Bridesmaid dresses look charming and classy.


Red and orange are two colors which look radiant together.
A floral wedding decoration in this combination will not only look wonderful, but will also be impressive. Having a cake decorated in the theme of red and orange flowers will be a good idea.


The color of the autumnal wedding should be established right from the beginning of the wedding planning. In other words, the color you have chosen should be used throughout the ceremony.
For instance, if you are using red and orange as your wedding colors, you can have an orange wedding card with wordings written in red.


The best flowers for autumnal weddings are roses, even if they are quite common.
Other popular choices are dahlias, sunflowers, roses, daisies, irises, chrysanthemums, baby's breath, zinnias, yarrow, mums, asters, tallow berries, heleniums, birds of paradise, etc. Do not restrict yourself to just a single color as this can make the decor loud. Rather, use a combination of colors.
You can also use the same combination of flowers to make your wedding bouquet. For accents, you can use raffia, maple leaves, sprigs of dried wheat, pine cones, peacock feathers, oak leaves, acorns, etc.


The bride can choose a wedding gown which is either off-white, ivory, or cream. A touch of gold with embroidery, accents, and beads will give the gown a unique look.
Any kind of design like corset, halter, strapless, single strap, short sleeves, sleeveless or long sleeves dress will go well with the fall theme. A flowing dress or a dress with a slightly long train is advisable. When it comes to dresses of the bridesmaids, you can use any of the colors based on your theme.


It is important that your makeup goes well with the color of your bouquet and wedding theme. Don't overdo the makeup, use natural color shades. Stick to rich earthy tones like light peach or brown shades for your eye shadow.
You can also use a slight dash of light shimmer. Use rich brown, red or pink hues for highlighting your lips or cheeks. You can also go for nude lipstick shades or tinted lip gloss. See to it that your makeup complements your complexion.


You can color your hair in autumnal shades like brown, auburn, red, burgundy or even highlight them. You can even add fall colored flowers or delicate fall theme accessories like a simple silver maple leaf tiara, clips, etc. to your hairstyle which will enhance your look.
You can also experiment with various hairstyles or just set your hair loose.

Points to Remember

▪ A single colored theme might seem too much. That's why, play around with two different colors to give a beautiful autumnal look to the wedding.
▪ An outdoor wedding with beautiful flower decorations will add a romantic element.
▪ Your bridesmaids may feel cold. Do not forget to give them a wrap, shawl, stole, or scarf of the same or other complementing color.
▪ For outdoor weddings, do not forget to put up fire pits or heating stations for the guests to keep warm.
▪ Take advantage of the natural beauty for some really exquisite and pleasant photo opportunities.
▪ When selecting a place, choose one which has a rich scenic background.
▪ You can also extend the fall color theme to the favors, table centerpieces, napkins, vases, ribbons, sweet boxes, wind chimes, etc.
▪ You can have the flower girl drop fall leaves on the aisle instead of flower petals.
▪ You can use leaf guest books, maple leaf card holders, candle stands and candles for your wedding decor to go with the fall theme.
▪ If your wedding falls near the Halloween season, you can use artistic gourds and pumpkins for table decoration and food preparations.
Always remember, before choosing the colors, make sure that you try various combinations. One piece of advice is that you can wear a necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings of the maple leaf design to match the fall theme.