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Father of the Bride Attire

Father of the Bride Attire
Though father of the bride attire does not consist of any strict rules, choosing one can be a tough task due to a lesser range of outfits options for men. So here's what the father of the bride can opt for to look perfect on his daughter's wedding day.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
While the bride and groom get ready in their best outfits, their parents too need to look perfect on this special occasion. If you are the father of the would-be bride and working on the wedding plan you must not forget to get yourself the best attire for this day. There is no strict dress code that the father of the bride needs to follow but it is definitely essential that he dresses up in his best outfits or keep the wedding theme in mind. So wondering what are the best options in terms of styles, colors, and fabrics for the father of the bride attire? Here's what you can choose while dressing up on your daughter's wedding day.
Wedding Attire
Usually, the father of the bride is known to dress up in a way that is similar to the attire of the groom and groomsmen. Well, today this is not a rule to be followed and they have a choice to match their attire with the groom or dress up according to their personal taste. One thing to be kept in mind is that he must wear an outfit that best suits his personality.
Flaunt a Tuxedo
Bow-tie on a suit
For a formal wedding, you can stick to tuxedos that look extremely classy and sophisticated. Choose one in the color same as that of the groom's tux, with just a different shade, or go for a completely different color. With nice cufflinks, a belt, and a pair of shoes added to this formal piece you are all set to hit the wedding venue.
Charming Suits
Father of the bride getting ready
Make your daughter's wedding a memorable one by wearing a suit. You can match your suit with the groomsmen if you want to, or you can always match your boutonniere with your daughter's bouquet or you can match it with your wife's dress color. Depending on how formal or casual the wedding theme is, you can choose from the double-breasted suit to a casual suit. Colors like black, navy blue, dark olive and gray will give a regal look to the most eventful day of your life.
Playful Casuals
Newlywed Couple With Wedding Guests Celebrating On Beach
If the vibe of the wedding is casual then you can always turn to pastel colored suits. A cream suit or light gray suit works extremely well for the beach weddings. If the groom and groomsmen are sticking to crisp shirt and trousers then you can also dress up accordingly. You can also opt for khaki pants or chinos with suitable shirts and a blazer. Don't hesitate to wear a waistcoat with pants or chinos to achieve a great casual look.
Groom with father
While dressing up for your daughter's wedding, have a look at the dressy outfits in your wardrobe and you might find the perfect outfit for that day. Many also consider renting a suit for the day or hiring it with the set of groomsmen attire if you want to closely match your attire with them. Make sure that you check the fitting of the outfit days before the wedding so that any required corrections can be made in time. Though options in terms of styles are less, you can pick the best outfit and look the perfect dad at your daughter's wedding!
Boutonniere Close Up
Wedding Boutonniere On Suit
Suit And Tie
Stylish Groom In Tuxedo
Groomsman Boutonniere
Man In Blue Suit
Bride Puts His Signature
Formal Dinner Jacket
Blue suit and groom boutonniere
Finishing the Cuff
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