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Father of the Bride Gift Ideas

Aishwarya Nirmal Nov 20, 2018
The biggest day of a girl's life is her wedding day, when everything in the world seems just perfect. The only imperfect thing is that she has to leave her parents. At such a point, gifts given by the bride to her father are meant to express everything that she feels for her beloved dad.
A daughter's wedding is the most memorable event for parents. He has to face the fact that his little angel has grown up and will be going away from him. To comfort him about this fact, a daughter can present him with special gifts to express her love.
The most precious gift for the father would be a homemade gift that is made by his daughter. Gifting your dad a photo album with pictures of the two of you would make a beautiful gift.
It can be a scrapbook, wherein, you can write a description of the photo, and at the same time, write a few words about the memorable times you spent with him.
If you and your father share some habit, talent or trait, you can make use of it for making or buying gifts for him.
If both of you like a particular celebrity (actor, singer, football player, etc.), then you can buy him a famous movie record featuring the celebrity, a CD with his favorite songs (you can compile a CD yourself), and so on; depending on his liking, you can come up with some more creative ideas.
Some precious ideas include men's designer jewelry such as a tie-pin, cuff links, a pocket watch or a hand watch. You can have the family name or his name engraved on the jewelry to add a personal touch.
An exquisite photo frame posing his favorite picture (of the two of you) can make a good gift for him. If you make the photo frame yourself, it will be even more valuable. You can get a frame custom-made with a digitally altered photo of him shaking hands with his favorite celebrity or doing something that he has desired to do for a long time.
If your father is fond of accessories related to smoking, you can gift him an exotic cigar case, a lighter or a smoking pipe with his name engraved on it.
Bar accessories may be another option that you can try.
If his desire of traveling to a certain destination is not yet fulfilled, then you can gift him tickets for a cruise trip or make arrangements for him to visit his favorite place. You can also send both your parents on a vacation to their favorite place.
If your dad is fond of electronic devices, there are many things you can get for him. A laptop, an iPod, computer accessories, TV or music system accessories or maybe his favorite video game.
Presents are an ideal way of expressing your gratitude for all the things your father has done for you. He is sure to appreciate any gift that he receives from you, and will cherish it forever. So, make your 'big day' a memorable day for your father too, by presenting him with an ideal gift.