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Floating Candle Centerpieces

Parul Solanki Nov 20, 2018
Placing floating candles in a glass bowl along with other decorative accents, make for a stunning centerpiece, that can be used for various occasions. Take a look at some ideas for creating floating candle centerpieces which are an affordable yet beautiful way to decorate the table.
Want to create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere for a wedding reception or at a dinner table? What better way then to do it than with candles. From the fun and the whimsical to the elegant styles, floating candles can be made to suit your party theme and colors.
Not only do they look beautiful and make for very pretty centerpieces, but floating candles also have the advantage of being affordable and easy to assemble. Most of them are simple combinations of a glass or bowl, some marbles, rocks, water, and floating candles.
Also, unlike the floral displays, you do not have to worry about the flowers wilting away, even before the guests have arrived. And the good news is that these candles are available in every shape and color you can imagine.

Design Ideas

When designing a centerpiece, incorporate several ideas keeping in mind the color scheme and the theme of the party decorations. Floating candles can be used as centerpieces during wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, romantic dinners, and parties by the pool or on a beach.
For example, for weddings, you can have candles shaped like flowers, hearts, or butterflies that can be used to decorate the table.

Choosing the holders

There are a large variety of candle holders, from the plain glass bowls to the exquisite votive glass holders.
► The large brandy snifters, filled with rocks and water, along with one dominant candle make for beautiful centerpieces.

 ► For a decorative look, use martini and wine glass filled with crystals, water, and floating candles. Pillar candle holders are the all time favorite wedding centerpieces, owing to their gorgeous designs.
► Another popular type are the votive candle holders with their modern, sleek designs, creating a perfect unique décor ambiance for candle lighting.

► For a more simple yet elegant touch, use colored tealight holders. One of my absolute favorites are the sleek, round glass globes with designs etched on them.

Adding the Design Elements

Once you have selected the holders, you can place acrylic crystals and gems, small glass prisms, translucent rocks, and marbles at the bottom of the bowl to add depth to it. Diamond tassels wrapped around the vessels look quite beautiful.
You could also add water pearls which plump up when you add water to them. Available in a large variety of colors, such as cream, gold, yellow, lavender, pearl white, black, they can be chosen based on the theme and the occasion. For example, you could use blue-colored seaglass for a nautical theme.

Choosing the Candles

Floating candles come in various shapes and sizes and based on the color and theme you can use them for the centerpiece. So, you can use star-shaped candles on Christmas or heart-shaped ones for Valentine's Day.
Summer party themes can be enhanced by using candles shaped as citrus fruits or seashells. Flower designs for candles seem to be quite popular.
Check out the roses, rosebuds, daisies, pansies, orchids, sunflowers, and even gardenias designs. For a calm, soothing aroma to add to the romantic ambiance, try scented or aromatherapy candles.

Using Flowers

Use the rose petals to enhance the beauty of the centerpiece. Flowers such as chrysanthemum and carnation also can be used. If you do not want to use fresh flowers, then you can always opt for the artificial rose petals available at the craft store.
These floating candles are available online, as well as at various craft stores. Use your creativity and have fun designing your very own floating candles, for enhancing the beauty of your table on various occasions.