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Easy DIY Tips for Arranging an Eye-catching Floral Centerpiece

Tips for Arranging a Floral Centerpiece
For those who are born creative, arranging flowers would come easily and naturally to them. But for those who cannot decide which two flowers look good together, this is for you. Deciding floral arrangement of a centerpiece for special events can be confusing. We will make this task easy.
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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2018
Wedding Decoration
Flowers serve as excellent gifts or decoration pieces for all special events and occasions. Despite using a single bloom, arranging same or different flowers in a specific pattern adds a special effect to the gift or decoration.
Flower arrangement is an art, where you use creativity and imagination to make an eye-catching piece out of variant-colored blooms, green leaves, and at times, beads, ribbons, or other accessories.
Beautiful Flowers On Table In Wedding
It can be a small or large version, as per your personal choice and more importantly, depending upon the purpose or event.
Elegant Corsage And Boutonniere
Depending on the occasion, you can choose from a variety of special flower arranging ideas that blend perfectly with the event. Let's take an example of marriage ceremonies. Be it the corsage, boutonniere, bridal flowers, centerpieces, or other bouquets, you have different ways of making unique decorations.
Autumn Bouquet Of Chrysanthemums
Here, we will take a look at the basic instructions of making centerpieces, which can be used at weddings, birthdays, or other parties.
White Flowers Standing
There are professional florists who provide services of delivering centerpieces for all types of events. You can simply give them the details to match and complement your event's theme and decorations.
Another alternative is arranging them on your own to add a personalized touch, which is also less expensive. Before you opt for this option, consider the following factors.
Budget Planning
This becomes a concern when you have a large party hall and many tables to decorate. If you are on a tight budget, the best solution is selecting inexpensive centerpieces. A basic tip is to use maximum small blooms that come in bunches, rather than opting for showy exotic flowers.
Centerpiece Placement
Beautiful flowers on table
The three most basic ways to arrange table centerpieces are placing them at the center of the table, at the end(s) of the table, or at a specific place in the table where food is served.
Flower Varieties
Table Setting with Flowers
The flowers that you may use mostly depends on the seasonal availability at the time of the occasion. Since you require loads of blooms, it is best to use seasonal flowers that are available on a large scale.
Bouquet Of Pink Tulips In Vase
The most popular choices include roses, tulips, daisies, lilies, hydrangeas, and baby's breath (basically used as fillers). To create variety, you can order a mixture of flowers in different colors.
Foliage and Greens
Easter Eggs And Pink Tulips Bouquet
Foliage and greenery add to the beauty of any floral arrangement. Usually, they are added on the sides, but you can insert the foliage in the center as well. If available, select fresh, dark green ferns that are attractive and look healthy.
Wedding Reception bouquet
Determine how much green you will require and buy a little extra to make up for any unnecessary wastage.
Flowerpot and Accessories
Colorful Lilacs In A White Vase
You can pair the flowers with flower vases and decorative accessories like glitters, beads, and ribbons to make the centerpiece unique and distinct.
Pink Peony In Vase
Select plastic containers that coordinate or are in contrast with the flower color and shape.
For beads and ribbons, you can opt for contrasting shades, so that they stand out in the centerpiece. Last but not the least, do not forget to buy floral blocks from the gardener's store.
Centerpiece Arrangement
Beautiful Wedding Flower Table Decoration
A day prior to the special day, take out all the required supplies for making these centerpieces. Cut the floral block to fit the size of the containers, soak in water, and place in the pots.
Florist Trimming Flowers
Also, trim the stalks of the main flowers, fillers, and ferns to the desired length. First, lay the greens evenly on the sides of the container and then insert the flowers in the center. In between them, create space and add fillers.
Sprinkle glitters, mist flowers, and foliage with a water sprayer. Give the assembly a finishing touch by tying ribbons in twirls and knots. Your centerpiece is ready for display.