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Flower Baskets for Weddings

Flower Baskets for Weddings
Flower girls and boys need beautiful flower baskets filled with flowers to scatter during the wedding ceremony. These baskets come in many styles and you can personalize them to suit the theme of the ceremony. Read on to know more about flower baskets for weddings.
Rimlee Bhuyan
No wedding can be complete without the use of beautiful and fresh flowers. They are required in the bride's bouquet, decorating the venue, for centerpieces, and in the flower baskets that are carried by wedding flower girls. Flower girls scatter flower petals of flowers during the ceremony, and so they need a basket for them. Flower baskets can be simple hand woven wicker baskets, or the more fancy ones decorated with tulle and ribbons.
Wedding Flower Baskets
Flower baskets that are carried by flower girls are as important as the bouquets in any wedding. The flower petals that are kept inside the baskets can be of rose or any other flower that is same as the bridal bouquet. It is a good idea to coordinate the color of the petals with that of the bride's bouquet for a cohesive look. Try to keep the baskets decorative, yet elegant.
Always choose a decorative basket that is big enough to hold all the flower petals, but small enough to be carried easily by the flower girls. You will be able to find suitable sized flower baskets in any craft or hobby stores. It is always best to purchase plain neutral colored baskets, and then personalize them by decorating them with satin, ribbons, tulle, and glitter.
As it is very difficult to find the exact match of colors and designs in baskets, to coordinate them with the rest of the decor of the wedding, it is always best to make or decorate them yourselves. The best way to decorate it is to purchase a roll of narrow satin ribbons, and wrap them around the handle of the basket. The color of the ribbon can be such that it complements the wedding color palette or matches the color of the flower girls' dresses.
Make a huge bow out of wide satin ribbons, and attach them to one side of the flower basket. You can then decorate it by covering it in vintage lace, tulle, or organza fabrics. Colorful silk flower arrangements attached to one side of the basket will give it an attractive look. Silk flowers can be purchased at a discounted price from any hobby store or online.
Unique Flower Baskets for Weddings
When you have modern flower arrangements for weddings, like Ikebana or one with only two or three-color palette, then you need flower baskets that will match this. Instead of traditional wicker baskets, you can choose small clutches in brocade or satin to hold the flower petals. Other good ideas include using old cookie jars or glass jars to hold the petals. You can make any plain glass jar more attractive by stained glass painting, and by decorating it with satin ribbons and bows. Faux stones and seashells can be attached to the basket for a truly unique look. These distinctive baskets can be later presented to the flower girls as gifts for weddings, which will make a beautiful keepsake for them.
Always make sure that the flower baskets are sturdy and easy to handle. Your decorations on the basket should not make it too heavy or cumbersome for the flower girl to carry it. The baskets should coordinate with the decor and theme of your wedding. It is best to embellish them earlier so that you do not have to make any last minute changes.
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