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Flower Girl Dresses

Pretty dresses are worn by flower girls at weddings. They often go with a bunch of add-ons. Read on to know all about this outfit.
Sonal Panse Jan 22, 2019
Flower girl dresses are worn by little girls between the ages of three and eight, mainly at weddings. The girls walk down the aisle, ahead of the maid of honor, sprinkling flowers and confetti in the bride's path.
These dresses are not, however, restricted to weddings, and are also often worn on many other occasions like at parties, receptions, communions, baptism, christening, Easter, and other such occasions.
You can find the dresses in materials like silk, organza, and satin; with lashings of trimmings in lace, tulle, satin ribbons, seed pearls, beaded appliques, corded rosettes, and much more. A white dress with a white princess style bodice, puffed sleeves, and a layered tulle skirt, sprinkled with pink and cream silk rosebuds looks extremely beautiful.
A dress with a satin sleeveless corset back bodice accented with beaded rosettes; and an ankle-length skirt, trimmed with seed pearls around the hem, and lined with a crinoline underneath to give it a great ball-style effect also looks lovely.
Most little girls love to dress up, and given the wide variety of choices in the dress designs, patterns, textures, colors and sizes, you are sure to be able to find a suitable dress for even the most fastidious and picky young girl.
Flower girl dresses are often accompanied by a variety of matching or complementary accessories like a tiara, ribbons, headbands, bows, barrettes, veils, hair wreaths, gloves, a wicker basket with flowers, and so on. You can buy these separately, or along with the dress.

Custom Dresses

Since the dress is to be worn on a special occasion, it is important that it fits properly. So, plan and go shopping well in advance of the big occasion to avoid any rushed, hasty decisions. It is a good idea to take the flower girl with you, and let her have a say in choosing the right dress.
There are plenty of things to consider while buying the dress. A few of them have been listed here.
  • Decide the material of the dress (whether silk, satin, organza, or a combination of all).
  • Decide the color (white, pink, peach, blue, lilac, etc.)
  • Consider the sleeve pattern (puff-sleeved, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or sleeveless).
  • Decide if you want a dress that zips up at the back, or one that has buttons or hooks.
  • Consider the length (calf-length or ankle-length).
  • Decide if you want a simple dress, or one with intricate trimming.
  • Decide what kind of trimmings you would like and in what combinations.
  • Decide what kind of accessories will go well with the selected dress.
Get the exact measurements, and see that you get a dress fitting done. Your local tailor probably will be happy to pitch in and help. If not, you may also look for someone on-line. There are plenty of dressmakers and fashion design businesses offering custom flower girl dresses.
You can send them the measurements over the Internet, select dress designs from their on-line catalog, and ask them to send you material swatches by regular post.
Once you have made your selection, and placed your order, they will normally deliver the dress within two to three weeks. You can also place a rush-job order, but, of course, you will be required to pay an additional fee for that.
To take correct measurements, use a smooth tape, and take measurements of the shoulders, the chest, the waist, and from top of the shoulder to the floor. Also, measure the length between the shoulder and the mid-calf or ankle.