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Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Kritika Parwani Nov 22, 2018
Unlike earlier, everyone wants to make their wedding reception unique and original, instead of a boring and formal affair. Here are some fun and enjoyable ideas that might prove useful.
Gone are the days where wedding receptions were boring and mundane traditional affairs. More and more couples are thinking out of the box for coming up with unique and fun ideas for their special day.
By including an element of fun, you can make the occasion more personalized, something that everyone will enjoy. For coming up with such fun and different ideas, all you need is your creativity and imagination.
Since you don't want a simple one, the important thing is to be as creative as you can for the occasion that will highlight your one-of-a-kind personality. Here are a few ideas:

Carnival Theme

This is one of the coolest unique outdoor wedding ideas. A carnival wedding is one type which the guests will not forget for a long time to come. For this theme, you need to make sure your location is outdoors and a large garden would be ideal.
To invite the guests, instead of regular invitations go for carnival tickets. You can use a rainbow of colors to make a fun, colorful, and summer atmosphere feel. Further, including a ferris wheel, popcorn machines, clown entertainment, fortune tellers, lemonade stands, etc., will give a complete carnival look to your unconventional reception.
Decorate the venue with lots of balloons in different colors. And since this is an unconventional theme, instead of the regular three-tiered cake, you can have pies. The important thing is to be as creative as possible in the planning.

Medieval Theme

You can make it unique by having a medieval theme and becoming a king and a queen for a day. If you and your partner always have been fascinated by the medieval times, this is a perfect theme. To create this, a very important element is the location.
You have the option of old castles, courtyards, village squares, or even forests. For decoration use a lot of wedding flowers everywhere. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wedding dresses need to have more of blue instead of white, as blue was considered as a symbol of purity.
Also, you will be surprised to know that the medieval men were very fond of dressing up, so this is the time when you would need to wear your finest clothing with accessories like fur, belts, and embroidery made of silver and gold thread.
Furthermore, one should not forget the traditional medieval feast with turkey, lamb, quail, etc., on wooden plates.

Beach Wedding

This is the perfect choice for a couple who love the natural and beautiful ocean, the white sand and breezy grasses. To make sure that your guests enjoy, ask them to get their swimming costumes and to take off their shoes on arrival to make it casual and fun.
Let the raw beauty of the day setting dictate your decor with straw runners, bamboo candles, and dressed up beach umbrellas in palm covers. Play off the built in palette provided by the sand, sea, and grass, by accenting sunset hues of yellow and red. The color of the sky will intensify as evening falls, adding to the romantic air.
To make it more fun, try and arrange activities like scuba diving or snorkeling.
Try and include some element of fun with foods such as catfish tacos, if you want to go for a Mexican theme or for an Italian twist, try a rustic grilled pizza topped with shaved potatoes and pear tomatoes, and for dessert, echoing the airiness of the sea foam is an orange soufflé.
Moreover, instead of taking an off in a traditional getaway car, wave "sea" you later from a hired launch.
One can select any of the aforementioned ideas or use your own creativity to come up with something totally unique, and something that neither you nor your guests will forget for a long time. Also, don't forget to take a lot of photographs, for these are the cherished memories that you will always remember.