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Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers
Funny wedding cake toppers are bound to be the talk of the town! Read the article below for some great ideas.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
A wedding is something that everyone looks forward to, and one of the most important parts besides the ceremony, is the wedding cake. Its decorations are always the talk of the party, and one of the most important decoration is the topper. To make the event more memorable, try out some of these funny wedding cake toppers that are bound to make people smile!
Cute Ideas
  • You can keep a small male figurine that is standing shocked next a board that says 'Still Shopping'.
  • You can also have a frustrated bride standing with a bouquet, next to signs saying 'Football Match On. Be Back in an Hour'. Or you can even show a bride standing, while the groom is sitting on a sofa in a blazer and shorts, in front of a television set.
  • To show a slightly dominating and overbearing wife, you can show a groom who is bending over, while the bride stands with a whip in her hand.
  • If you want to really scandalize your guests, you can even try some hilarious and sexy toppers, like the bride standing in a Marilyn Monroe in 'Seven Year Itch' pose, with her dress flying revealing her legs, while the groom looks on, scandalized. You can also show the bride and groom kissing passionately, oblivious to the fact that they are at their own wedding.
  • You can show a bride catching the groom by his leg or by his shoulders, while he is trying to run away from the venue.
  • You can show a groom checking out another girl at his own marriage ceremony, while the bride looks on, furious.
  • If you know that the couple that are getting married are very competitive and work at the same office, then a unique option would be to show a victorious bride on top of the cake (with her fingers showing the victory sign), while the groom is huffing at the second tier.
  • If you know that the couple have had a long-distance relationship for a very long period of time, so much so that you only ever remember them talking on the phone to each other, then there is this perfect idea for you! You can show a bride and groom standing right next to each other, but talking to each other on the phone!
  • One of the most popular and cheap idea consists of a bride standing over the groom, dangling a key in her hand, while the groom is sitting with a gloomy expression on his face with a huge iron ball chained to his leg.
  • If you want a slightly bold theme, then you can show the bride groping the groom. This may leave the elders appalled, but it is sure to crack up the younger generation!
  • If you know that the couple are real sport enthusiasts or had met for the first time at a baseball match, then you can have the bride holding a baseball bat and the groom all set to pitch the ball.
  • If you know that the bride is a real sucker for fairy tales, then you can show a fairy tale scene, like a princess bride kissing a frog or Cinderella stepping out of her carriage.
  • If you know that your friends are huge fans of spy movies, then you can show both the bride and groom standing with their backs to each other holding guns. To make look a bit more realistic, you can show a long slit in the bride's gown.
  • If you know that your pals are the type that take the phrase 'living on the edge' to a whole new level, then you can have a hippie or a biker couple idea. This is sure to evoke peels of laughter.
These were just a few funny wedding cake toppers that are bound to make the event really memorable. So in the end, all you need is a little bit of creativity.
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