Funny Wedding Car Decorations

As the bride and the groom's friends, you might be looking for wedding car decorations. Read this article to know about various funny decorations you can choose from.
Wedessence Staff
One of the most pleasurable sights in a wedding is to see the happy couple getting away in their wedding car. Besides the Just Married sign, the getaway vehicle requires beautiful decorations to set it apart from other cars. It can be decorated with fresh flowers, silk flowers, ribbons, and streamers. To inject some humor into your friends wedding, you can have decorations that are sure to elicit a lot of smiles in the bridal party.
Traditionally, car decorating is the responsibility of friends, and you can have a lot of fun doing it. Many friends write naughty messages and jokes on the windows of the car to make it humorous. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some funny decoration ideas that you can use.
Funny Decoration Ideas
Flowers are the most used item for decorations, but when you want something funny, flowers just won't do. The quickest way to decorate a wedding car is to use colorful glass marker pens to write on the windows of the car. You can write anything from 'Just Married' to any raunchy joke or one liner that will embarrass the couple. Tinted windows can be best decorated this way. Another idea is to make pom-poms with colorful tissue paper and affix them on the car. You can make a garland out of some of the pom poms and let them trail behind the car. This will announce to the world that the couple inside the car is newly married and heading for their honeymoon.
Other options include attaching some tin cans that are spray painted in different colors to the rear bumper. These cans can be attached together with ribbons, and will make a lot of noise when the bride and the groom make their getaway. You can also string together old run down shoes at the end of the bumper. You can also opt for big balloons in different colors and make a garland out of it by tying them with ribbons. Now write something funny on these balloons and attach them all around the wedding car. If you are artistic, you can even draw some funny pictures on the balloons. Balloons can also be twisted into different animal shapes and attached outside the wedding car. Whatever you do, make sure that it does not spoil the paintwork of the car.
You can even opt for artificial snow. Make funny designs on the hood of the car with artificial snow. Use silly strings all over the car to create unique designs. Make some fun shapes out of cardboard, like a picture of the bride and groom kissing and attach it to the hood of the car. Silk stockings and lacy lingerie can also be attached to the antenna to embarrass the couple. One of the best pranks is to 'mummify' the wedding car completely in rolls and rolls of toilet paper. It will be great fun watching the couples face when they see the car.
The tackier the decorations, the more fun you will have. However, make sure that the decorations do not damage the exterior or interior of the car.
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