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Funny Wedding Favors

Funny Wedding Favors
Weddings are a full of fun and enjoyment, once the formal ceremony is over. With some funny wedding favors mentioned below, add humor and laughter to your wedding reception!
Aparna Jadhav
With the beautifully color coordinated decorations at a wedding venue, one of the most anticipated items are the wedding favors! Even if they are a simple thank you note kept on your plate, appreciating the color, design and script is almost customary for guests. Many couples prefer to keep their favors usually formal yet attractive, with respect to their wedding colors. But since weddings are not only about the, "please sit and eat" attitude, you can have some funny wedding favors that add humor and excitement to the party.
Thus, if you wish to have an enjoyable wedding reception, you could come up with a few hilarious favors, to let your guests take home something memorable and funny! Since, thinking about funny favors would take up important planning time, we have put together a few choices in the paragraphs below, for your convenience. So, read on and take your pick.
Ideas to Consider
The favors are always interesting items that the guests get to take home. They are tokens of appreciation from the newly wedded couple, to their guests for blessing them with good wishes. However, many people think about presenting their guests with useful favors such as personalized coasters, bottle stoppers, candles, etc. Therefore, if you too, are thinking about some unique yet useful ideas for your guests, I would suggest, use regular favors and add something funny to them! In the coming up paragraphs, you will find a few interesting ideas for these favors. So, make your choice and look for places where you could get them customized!
Edible Favors
I am sure all of you have come across some delicious edible favors such as cookies, Jordan almonds, cupcakes, chocolates, fortune cookies, candies, etc. These favors are inexpensive and can be customized in any desired manner. In order to add the "funny" element to them, you can have cookies and cupcakes in different shapes and decorate them with funny face expressions, wedding dress codes, cartoons and bride and groom cake topper imitations. There are various colors and designs you can incorporate in these delicious edible favors. So, come up with some creative edible favor ideas and present them to your guests.
Thank You Cards
After reading about favors that can be eaten, here are some simpler favors which could also be customized by personal choice. Thank you notes are inexpensive that can be made hilarious by simply adding a funny caption, or joke to card cover and placed on the plates. Printing paper notes is one of the easiest idea for a personalized favor. Even though they are not very useful to the guests, they can be a refreshing piece of entertainment for them while dining. If you are on a tight wedding budget and want to have attractive favors, this would be an excellent option.
Candle Holders
Personalized candles in attractive holders are one of the most popular choices for favors. They are easily available and make attractive showpieces, that can be used by guests. However, I would suggest not personalizing the candle holders with couple pictures, but some funny illustrations. These could be ceramic imitations of the funny bride and groom, lovebirds, kissing fish, funny one liners, etc. These candles and holders can be displayed on shelves or in bathrooms, because of their lovely designs.
Personalized Luggage Tags
Luggage tags are required by almost everyone while traveling and personalizing them with funny images or text could be a great idea. You would surely find a number of places around your city, where these luggage tags are customized as per your choice. You can have your names and wedding date printed on these tags with pictures like hearts, flowers, lovebirds, bride and groom cartoons, etc. in wedding colors. You could also have funny phrases such as (not to offend anyone's feelings)...
  • Always get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted a whole day ~ Mickey Rooney
  • Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener.
  • I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years. ~ Sam Kinison
Card Holders
Another very popularly used wedding favor idea is card holders, which are also the easiest to find and you get a variety of designs in them. You will find a variety of shapes in these card holders, such as; frog bride and groom, handbags, miniatures of perfume bottles, motor bikes, flip-flops, sailboats, etc., which look both colorful and funny. There are various shapes and designs of card holders, which have seasonal themes as well, in case you want to use the season colors for your wedding.
Along with these, there are a few more ideas where you could use creative designs to personalize them. These are;
  • Coasters
  • Bottle Stoppers
  • "Run Away Groom and Bride" Fridge Magnets
  • Bride and Groom Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Mint Tins
With these great choices, hope you have shortlisted your favorite ideas! Well, make sure you pick some great favors, as they are one of the most memorable things related to your wedding.
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