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Garden Wedding Ideas

Deciding a wedding venue is a major task. Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable and unique. A garden wedding is a good way to go.
Wedessence Staff
Weddings are an auspicious occasion where two people are tied into the beautiful knot of matrimony. Planning a wedding is a colossal task, as a lot of things need to be taken care of. Finding the right place for the wedding is one of those things. Though churches and wedding halls are the traditional venues for a wedding, a garden or beach wedding is something unique. Garden weddings are a popular choice with many people opting for them lately.
Planning a Wedding With a Garden Venue
If you are planning to have a garden venue for your wedding, the seasons matter a lot. Seasons like summer have the risk of sudden rain and humidity. Thus, you need to fix a wedding date which has a good weather forecast. Also make sure that you choose a wedding hour that will be comfortable for the guests. Morning time is good, but you will have very less time for preparation. Afternoons can be troublesome due to high temperatures. Evening is the apt time, as the weather is reasonably pleasant.
If you do not have your private garden or backyard, you can opt for locations like lake areas, private parks, country clubs, or even a relative's garden. You can even have the wedding in your backyard if your guest list is small. A private garden can be bit pricey, and hence keep your budget in mind when selecting a venue. Other requirements such as a room for the bridal party to get dressed, space for the aisle runner, and seating arrangements for the guests need to be considered.
Simple Ideas for the Wedding
One of the advantages of having a wedding in a garden is that the decorations can be kept minimal due to the aesthetic beauty of the garden. You can use simple decorative elements such as centerpieces, chair covers, flower pots, and floral displays. Choose wedding flowers that complement the flowers present in the garden. Use an aisle runner that blends well with the colors used for the wedding decoration. Decorate it with rose petals. Use satin and other such delicate fabrics for decorating the chairs and pews. You can also build a temporary gazebo and use it as the wedding stage. Have a trellis adorned with vines and flowers at the entrance. For an evening wedding, you can also make use of soft lighting. Having a live band in the open space is a good option.
There are many ways to make a garden wedding unique, memorable, and romantic. The above mentioned ideas are for the same.
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