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Garden Wedding Reception

Garden Wedding Reception

Garden wedding receptions, when organized really well, leave wonderful memories, not only for the couple who have just tied the knot, but also for the guests celebrating the occasion with them.
Priya Johnson
Gardens make great ambiance for wedding receptions. Having a wedding reception in a large open air lawn, in the evening with shimmering lights flooding the place is simply an experience of its kind. Garden wedding receptions have been carried out for ages and scores of couples have tied the knot in glorious canopies set upon the lawn. The best part about having it in a garden is the fresh air enveloping the event.

One does not need a large garden to host a wedding reception. Many couples have their wedding receptions in their very own backyard. It all depends on how many people one wants to invite. There's a lot one can do with a garden and it depends on your creativity as to how you make the best of the garden available. The only hitch here is the weather. Rainy or snowy weather acts like a wet blanket on this auspicious day. So if you are planning a garden wedding, make sure the weather forecasts are in your favor.

Garden Wedding Reception Ideas

While planning a garden reception just look at the garden as a large piece of construction paper. Now think of different ways to decorate this construction paper. After checking the entry and exit points to the garden and other fixtures, draw the layout. Mark out where you want the aisle to be and where the seating arrangements should be. The place for the band, food, etc. should also be marked off. Make sure the garden has ample amounts of space to accommodate all the guests, in such a manner that none feels claustrophobic or is left without a seat.

Once these basics have been considered, we can move ahead to the different themes one can have at the wedding reception. The wedding reception theme is important because it is this theme that differentiates your wedding reception from another. The garden may be used scores of times before, but it's how you do up the place that will leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds, of all attending the reception.

Theme 1: Chocolate Wedding Reception Idea

If you are a chocoholic and just want to incorporate this attribute of yours into the wedding reception, then the chocolate theme is perfect for you! You could have dark chocolate or milk chocolate color, as your theme color with white chocolate color for contrast. Dust pink color also goes well with this chocolate theme, moreover, it becomes easier to get flowers that go with the theme. How can one have the chocolate theme and not have a chocolate fountain. If your budget allows you can also have a candy buffet to complement the rest of the theme.

Theme 2: Winter Wedding Reception Idea

This theme does involve higher expenditure, because the stuff required for this theme is more or less custom-made and will prove heavier on the wallet. Nevertheless, if the budget is not an issue, then one can go for this outstanding theme. The theme comprises the winter season, wherein all the settings and arrangements are done in pure snow-white color. You have centerpieces carved specially from ice and placed at different places. Flowers will also follow the white theme and same goes for the rest of the decorations. The lighting will be an outstanding night blue, which leaves the reception site with a mesmerizing appeal.

These were only two themes from the scores of themes one can select. The others are beach theme, love theme, castle theme, SeaWorld theme, Disney theme, country theme, etc. Besides these individual themes, there are some general garden decorations tips, that one can keep in mind. For gardens, one can have trees decorated with tiny lights, vines can be used to decorate the stage and even architectural props can be used to gear up the place. Lanterns and string lights will add a glorious appeal to the place, moreover, having Chinese paper lanterns will give an enchanting look to the whole place. Don't forget the large flower arrangements and the lovely wedding centerpieces you can have to decorate the garden. Get as creative as you can and enjoy a memorable nuptial day!