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Gerbera Daisy Centerpieces For A Bright Aura

Sheetal Mandora Oct 8, 2018
Whether it's a wedding or you feel like livening your dining table, Gerbera daisy centerpieces can really brighten any room. Take a look at a few suggestions from us and see how these magnificent flowers will transform your decor.
Flowers have always accentuated the overall charm of any decor idea. As one of the attractive choices, apart from roses, lilies, daffodils, blossom crowns, and many more, Gerbera daisies come in various shapes, colors, and sizes.
They are vastly available during spring and summer time, and can be used as tall or short centerpiece decoration.

Before You Begin

There's a small stop that should not be overlooked while making centerpieces yourself. The questions you need to have answers to are:

1. Are the centerpieces being used in a wedding, at home, or a special occasion?
2. Which color(s) are you planning to use for the centerpieces?
3. Apart from Gerbera daisies, are you including any other flowers?
4. Is there a theme you will follow?
5. How many centerpieces are you going to make?
6. How long do the centerpieces need to last for?

Centerpiece Ideas to Try

As Gerbera flowers come in vivid colors like red, yellow, salmon, pink, orange, and white, the centerpieces can be altered as per availability and preferences. Add other flowers to enhance the look.

Bucket Centerpieces

Many women love pink flowers and when it's accompanied by a pink bucket, the charm of the centerpiece increases tenfold.
Add as many flowers as you like, depending on the size of bucket. For a smaller area, use tiny buckets that won't take up a lot of space.
If you're going with a summer décor, using a wide range of Gerbera flowers is apt. The idea here is - the more colors, the better. By using a neon-colored bucket, your table will automatically become bright without having to try too much.
For elegant and graceful décor, using pastel colors in centerpieces is the right way. The combination of blue bucket with light pink Gerbera flowers looks attractive.

Basket Centerpieces

The idea to float just the flower heads, while removing the stems altogether, is a very popular choice. Now it may seem that this is a tried and tested technique, you can still make it your own. As the image suggests, adding a few colored stones and petals on the table can make a lot of difference.
We've seen baby's breath being used in bouquets. So why not incorporate that idea along with Gerbera daisies as well. All you require are a few sprigs of baby's breath laid on the basket and placing a gorgeous flower head on top. You can use 1 or 2 flower heads to prepare the centerpiece.
As bright as sunshine, your next option for centerpiece is vibrant and joyous. Along with a bunch of vibrant Gerbera daisies, adding a few leaves can make the centerpiece look alive. Also, it gives the table a completely different look.

Bowl, Cup, and Watering Can Centerpieces

We know that we've mentioned using a bowl for our next idea, but here, you can either use a fancy glass bowl or a candle holder.
Either way, the centerpiece is going to look fabulous. You can add a few colored pebbles, marbles, jellybeans, or stones, grass, coffee beans, lemon and oranges slices, etc. The choice is yours; pick whatever you like.
This centerpiece works best when you have a handful of centerpieces to make. It can be a bit expensive if used on a wide scale like wedding.
You'll require tea cups and saucers of similar or varied colors and patterns to complete the centerpiece. Depending on the color of the Gerbera daisies, you can decorate the cups. Single cups, along with saucers will do just fine.
If you have seen any colorful watering cans at a craft store or you have some at your home, you can turn them into beautiful centerpieces.
Paint them in bright colors, add a few designs and patterns on top, and just place Gerbera daisies in. Add a little water in to keep the flowers looking fresh for longer.

Glass Vase Centerpieces

For this idea, you can use fancy olive oil bottles or any other tall, glass bottles that can hold one or two flowers properly.
Keep one of the stems shorter than the other and place them inside the bottle. Don't forget to fill the bottle with a bit of water. To give it a different look, you can even add a few drops of food coloring.
When you're searching for a lavish decor for the table, using a bigger, taller glass jar is ideal. This way, you can include at least a dozen Gerbera daisies of varied colors.
Fill the bottom of the jar with water, add a few petals in, and then place the flowers in. Don't forget to keep the stems longer than the height of the jar or the flowers will submerge.

Long Table Centerpieces

For long tables that seats 6+ people, the other choices for centerpieces won't work as well as they did before. Which is why, we suggest using a separate idea altogether.
For every table you wish to decorate, have a minimum of 5 similar-colored bottles; they need to be like size. Now place a different colored flower in each bottle and place the bottles in the middle of the table.
If you can find glass tubes, colored or transparent, using them as centerpiece is excellent. Here as well, you don't require to do a lot. You can either add water and one or two flowers in.
To give it a richer look, add purple spray asters, craspedia, goldenrods (Solidago), green or red hypericum berries, sisal, larkspur, or baby's breath.
Using colorful earthen pots will not only make the table look lively, but will also make any occasion special. Place the pots in a line, in the middle of the table and place one flower in each pot. You can also add a leaf to each pot to make the centerpiece look different.
Gerbera daisies not only make elegant centerpieces, but are durable as they last for many hours. You can include your own creativity to any of these Gerbera daisy centerpieces and use them for various occasions.