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How to Make Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Shashank Nakate Nov 22, 2018
Among the different types of wedding bouquets, the gerbera daisy are the most popular. Read more for the information about the importance of these flowers and instructions on bouquet preparation.
The gerbera daisy is one of the most popular flowers in the world. It stands 5th in terms of popularity after flowers like rose, carnation species, chrysanthemum, and tulips. It is the symbol of innocence and love. Its botanical name is Gerbera jamesonii.
These flowers are used in preparation of wedding bouquets, because of the different shades they possess. The beauty and charm of gerbera daisy makes it a perfect wedding flower. Such was the popularity of this flower in the thirteenth century that, it was named as 'love flower'. The month of March marks the beginning of its season.
The different colors in which these flowers grow include red, orange, purple, pink, yellow, and white.The colors of bouquets made from these flowers are carefully chosen, in order to suit the wedding theme. No matter which type of wedding one decides to have like garden, outdoor, country, etc., this flower is suitable for all.
How to Make it?
  • The wedding bouquet made from gerbera daisies is generally 8-10 inches in diameter.
  • The arrangement of these flowers need to have light and deep pink daisies interspersed among the white ones.
  • One can prepare a loose or nosegay bouquet. The entire bouquet should have white colored baby breath flowers on the outer edge.
  • Stems of all the different flowers mentioned, need to be tied together with the help of a rubber band. Waxed floral tape proves to be useful in straightening the stems, and giving the entire bouquet a compact appearance.
  • A satin ribbon is used in covering stems of bouquet. The ribbon to be used should be 3 times as long as the length to be wrapped.
  • Wrapping should start from the top. One end of the ribbon needs to be tucked in the stems, while the other needs to be wrapped downwards in a spiral manner.
  • The ribbon, after reaching the base, should be reversed and spiraled upwards. Finally, it should be tucked inside the stems and fixed properly by means of a pin.
  • A doily should be used to wrap the stem handle, followed by securing it with a pin.
  • Streamers should be added below the doily; these streamers need to be prepared with the help of satin ribbons having different widths.
One can bring about many variations in this process. The combination of gerbera daisy and rose is also recommended. The nosegay, posy and circular bouquets of these flowers give a completely different touch to the wedding. One can also consider single stem gerbera daisy. It is a cheap as well as striking option.

The Cost

One can order them online or buy from nearby florist shops. The cost of premium bouquets could be in the range of $30-$90.
They are not only used for weddings, but also for occasions like birthdays, Valentine day, etc. The bouquets made from gerbera daisies, due to their versatility have become synonymous with the decorations being used for various occasions.