Gifts for Parents of Bride and Groom

Choose from these unique gift ideas to let your parents know how much they mean to you for being there through the most important milestones in your life, including your special day.
It is the most special day in your and your partner's life, and you probably think no one can understand or experience the happiness that you do at this time. Yet, you are overlooking perhaps the only two people who are happier than both of you on this day - your parents. They brought you up to make you the beautiful person you are, only to see the day when you would be truly happy. Your happiness is what makes them happier, for a goal well achieved. Your parents also put a lot into your wedding, in terms of time, the help they offer in getting things done, last-minute preparations, and much more. Don't you think it is time to honor their efforts, thank them for the genuine happiness they feel for you as a couple, and show them that you appreciate all that they have done for you? A small gift to honor them is more than they could ask for. Here, we give you ideas for creative, personalized and unique gifts for parents of the bride and groom, to give them that something special for all that they have done.
Unique Gifts for Parents of the Bride and Groom
On momentous occasions like their child's wedding, parents would be honored to receive a personalized gift. While you can always get mom a piece of crystal ware that she would love, or a golf kit that your dad has been eying for a long time, on occasions like these it is nice to spend some time and get creative to come up with some personalized gifts for them. Here are some interesting ideas that you can choose from.
Memory Album
It has always been said, and repeated over time, that a picture speaks a thousand words. Journaling your childhood till the time you got married then, is perhaps one of the best personalized gifts for your parents. This is one way of reminding them of the beautiful journey they have been through in bringing you up, and making you the person you are, only to see you happily married to the love of your life. Add a short poem to this album, or if you can, a caption with each picture to personalize it further.
A Symbol of an Extended Family
When you get married, one more special member is added to your family. Symbolize this extension of family with a gift that represents this extension. For instance, a family tree with a picture of your partner, or an engraved photo frame with a picture of the bride and groom, and the parents of both, on your wedding day makes for a great gift. If possible, have an artist paint a portrait of all of you together. They are sure to love this one!
A Break
While you went berserk trying to have your wedding arrangements completed on time, your parents too worked hard to ease some of your stress and anxiety, and while you get to go on a honeymoon to unwind, where do they go? Why not treat them to a mini vacation at a resort or a spa, so they too can unwind and relax after knowing that the wedding went well? This is one of the perfect thank you gifts for them, as it clearly shows how much you appreciate their effort in putting your wedding together and making it a success.
Their Wedding Picture
Memories of weddings are eternal and rarely fade away. Have your parents relive their wedding memories, by presenting to them a picture of their wedding day, in a beautiful frame with an engraved message. This will truly touch them and have them know that you deeply love them and appreciate them, just for being a part of your lives.
Of course, perhaps not all of you may want to give personalized gifts. In that case, some great gifts for your parents on this momentous day can include pieces of jewelry for mom, and you could give your dad that golf kit after all. A pocket watch for your father is also a great vintage gift that you could give him, while for your mother, an authentic Pashmina shawl would be perfect. Let's put it this way; when you are looking for gifts for your parents, and you see something that instantly reminds you of them, pick it up. Big or small, expensive or inexpensive, does not matter. It is always the thought that counts.
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