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Symbolism and Designs of Gothic Engagement Rings

Loveleena Rajeev Oct 13, 2018
A solitaire ring can never be replaced, but you can add an element of dark romanticism by choosing a Gothic engagement ring.
The very word Gothic, brings to mind the dark, brooding world of magic and horror. The first person to coin this term was Raphael. This culture is full of symbols from the medieval times, eroticism imagery misunderstood as exoticism.
Their symbols are mainly derived from the Pagan and Wicca cultures. Contrary to the popular belief that this culture is all about blood and gore, its central belief lies in the Wiccan tenant, 'An it bring harm to none, do what ye will.' 
So go on, break away from the tradition, and allow the Gothic mysticism to envelop your important day.
Gothic rings are styled in two different ways - using imagery and symbols of the romantic aspect of the medieval times, and romantic horror of the present day. They are usually made of silver, as they bring out the engraved designs. Metals like black titanium or heavier tungsten are also used.
The romance element of this style, borrows images from nature, flowers, leaves; celtic designs, as the scroll; semi-precious, and colored gemstones are used to enhance the designs.
Whereas, the horror element uses dark images of skulls, serpents, dragons, and crosses. Poison boxes, rings with hidden compartments are considered as 'absolute Gothic'. If you decide to design your own band, make sure you study the symbols and imagery well. Your jewelry can speak "louder" than your words.
Many types of such circlets are available for an engagement ceremony, some using very ancient designs, while some are contemporary. Most of them use the English pewter, a tin-based alloy. The band speaks for the people it betroths.

● Life and death band: Symbolizes the union of life and death, and the words on the jewelry can be read both ways.
● Betrothal band: This has a scroll work frame, symbolizing love and passion.

● Adder Bite: The name itself suggests the use a serpent symbol.

● Deus et natura: It symbolizes the harmony and relation between God and his creation.
● Holy land runeband: This red-faceted, crystal band uses the ancient symbols of rune combined with Latin, meaning enlightenment and blood.

● Trefoil sanguis: This blood-red enamel circlet resembles a crown.

● Fangorian band: The engravings are from the tribal 'Batesque' design.
● Hemlock poison band: This black, crystal, stone circlet has a hidden compartment.

● Agla band: It has a Kabbalah theme to its design.
Having only the ring is not good enough if you don't propose well. Add a zing of Gothicism with the tips given here:

● All Gothic ceremonies are performed in the dark hours, midnight would be just perfect.

● Dress in black, to add to the adventure.

● Have the place surrounded by fire; black candles or fire torches would also do.
● Write your own dark love poem, or borrow from the famous literature works by the dark poet of that era.

● Since all their rituals are intimate, keep yours private too.

● Let your imagination run wild, create that perfect drama and mystery.
Since this culture is misunderstood and associated with dark arts, it would be difficult to find the ring. While some jewelers may have them, you can also check the online Realtor to source that 'right' piece. How expensive it should be, is entirely depended on your budget, or as some say, 'your love'.
Gothic rings as a part of the culture are highly complex, but rich in symbols, imagery, and meanings, so understand them well before adapting them in your lifestyle.

And don't forget to go down on your knees!
Happy proposing!