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Creative Tips on Designing Charming Gothic Wedding Invitations

Gothic Wedding Invitations
If you have decided to have a Gothic-themed wedding, do not forget that the invitations also have to reflect it. This article will provide you some ideas for Gothic wedding invitations.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
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A wedding theme centered on the Gothic culture is a unique one, and a lot of couples choose it for their wedding. Such weddings are usually dark and mysterious in terms of the d├ęcor, clothing, hairstyles, makeup, and invitations. As are common misconceptions with many cultures, the Gothic wedding theme is likened to ghosts and haunted places. While it is a part of Gothic culture, that is not the only factor in this theme. As mentioned earlier, the Gothic culture speaks of darkness and mystery, and therefore, such elements should reflect in the entire setup. Here, we will discuss Gothic wedding invitations, and some ideas on designing them.
Gothic Wedding Invitation Ideas
With all your Gothic wedding ideas in place, the invitations should not be forgotten, as it gives your guests an idea of what to look forward to. The invitations can be designed by yourself, or by means of the templates available online. There are some elements that go into designing a Gothic wedding invitation, to give it that authentic look.
  • Background: The best colors to use as a background for gothic wedding invitations are red, orange, black, purple, gray, and deep blue. Some couples also like to experiment with colors such as pink or gray, as these are not only Gothic, but also elegant at the same time. Some brides like to match the invitation backgrounds with the colors of their wedding dress. While this is the basic color scheme, there are other elements too that can be added to the background. For instance, wine glasses, with their deep red colors, add an interesting touch to a black-and-white background. A lot of people like to add black flower borders to the invitations, or have an entirely black background that highlights two red roses, or a bunch of white hearts in a corner. A lone street that shows a couple walking down it, towards a lone house under dim moonlight, makes for another unique background. Some people choose to use skull designs and the Grim Reaper on the invitations. It is also a good idea to have a black-and-white picture of the couple as an element in the background, along with the aforementioned elements.
  • Wording: Gothic wedding invitation wording can be as simple as those on regular wedding invitations, or more serious. Unlike the wording of regular wedding invitations, Gothic wedding invitation wording does not sound happy, though it has underlying joy and happiness. Here, the invitation clearly states that the parents of the bride and groom invite the guests to the wedding of their children, at the venue followed by the time. However, adding a twist to this is what sets Gothic invitations apart. For instance, if the invitations are sent out by the bride and groom themselves, the phrase Till Death Do Us Apart is commonly seen on Gothic invitations. Another option is to start the invitation with the phrase As We Walk The Night, or Come & Bear Witness as Our Souls are Bound. The wedding reception event could be given a special name too, such as The Haunted Ball. Using a calligraphic font is a great way to make all the wording look authentic.
Finally, Gothic wedding invitations can be as glamorous, as dark, or as elegant as you like them to be. Some of you may prefer just an underlying feel of the Gothic subculture to your invitations, while for others, just like the wedding theme, the invitations have to be blatantly Gothic. However you like it, just ensure that you keep the basics in mind. Designing these invitations yourself is not a daunting task, and in fact, a cheaper alternative. With some help from the ideas mentioned here, you will be able to create some great invitations and have a clear message sent out to your guests about what to expect at your wedding.
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