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Great Wedding Reception Ideas

Austin Winder Jul 11, 2019


The wedding reception is the part people often look forward to the most. There are limitless ways you can create a party to remember. Here are some fun and unique wedding reception ideas to provide inspiration when planning your big day.

Hand out awesome, useful wedding favors

Think handmade soaps, local honey or homemade jam, mugs with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, or any local artisanal item. Or, after the reception, give out "hangover kits" filled with bottled water, aspirin, and so on.

Set up a DIY food station

People love being able to pick and choose their own food. Brunch is fairly easy to put together and a taco bar or a baked potato bar are great dinner ideas. And for dessert, consider having a build-your-own-sundae station or a hot chocolate bar.

Plan out entertainment for the reception

Dinner and dancing are fun, of course, but they're pretty standard when it comes to wedding receptions. Make yours stand out! Hire entertainment such as a magician, or have someone put on a short comedy show.

Keep the kids in mind and have a plan for them

Unless your wedding is adults-only, there will likely be kids in attendance, and they can start to get restless during the reception. Keep them occupied with fun kid-friendly activities, such as coloring, crafts, and games.

Forget the typical guestbook and opt for a more unique alternatives

Think outside the box with a "wish tree", jigsaw puzzle, or anything that complements your wedding theme, which your guests can sign in lieu of a guestbook.

Keep the party going after the reception

Instead of holding the dance at the reception hall, take the party elsewhere. Go to a karaoke club or a bowling alley. Or, if you prefer something more relaxed, have a low-key bonfire with close friends and family.

Turn your reception into a high-end soiree

Have valet parking, and ask the valet to put party favors in guests' cars before they leave. Consider hiring a caterer to serve your guests drinks and late-night snacks as well.

Create lasting memories with a photo booth

You could even do this in place of a guestbook to help you remember who attended your wedding. Another idea is to rent a video booth, where guests can record live, personalized messages for the bride and groom.

Provide transportation for guests

If there will be a bit of distance between any of the venues--the hotel, wedding venue, reception hall--it would be thoughtful to provide transportation for guests. You could even take it up a notch by choosing a unique mode of transportation, such as a hot air balloon or a party bus.

Hire an event coordinator to ensure the perfect night

Don't leave anything to chance! Make sure everything happens when it's supposed to happen by letting a professional take care of all the details.


Don't let the fun end before the reception begins. Take one or more of these great wedding reception ideas to ensure your reception is a night that no one will forget!