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Groomsmen Duties

Groomsmen Duties
You have the honor of being on the special team and you have no idea about the groomsmen duties and responsibilities. Read on to know more about the special duties that you have to perform as the attendant.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
It is always considered to be an honor for getting a role as a groomsman at your friend's wedding. There are plenty of friends and relatives who could have been considered for this special honor. But, the groom chose you is proof enough that he considers you to be one of his closest aides. Becoming a groomsmen entails responsible duty. You need to be present with the groom throughout the wedding process and help him with the wedding planning.
It is not a child's play to become the best man of the bridegroom. This is one hell of a job that requires level-headed guys. The major duties include paying for their own tuxedo rental, travel expenses, hotel accommodations and may be transportation to the wedding venue. Well, these are some of the personal expenses that you may need to undertake.
Responsibilities in Brief
The groomsmen responsibilities have been very important since ancient times, when they were supposed to act as bodyguards to the groom-to-be till the wedding day. They had to protect the groom and making sure he was standing safe and sound next to the bride at the altar.
Today, times have changed, so have their responsibilities. You should keep in mind that becoming a groomsman is an expensive task and if you cannot afford it or are not able to take up the responsibilities, you should say 'no' to the groom right away. The groom will depend on you for every little thing required for the wedding and no one will appreciate someone who stands up at the last minute. To save your friendship, the groom and yourself from embarrassment on the big day, be sure you are aware of what you are getting into.
The duties include helping the groom decide and plan the wedding budget. Now comes the most important part, organizing the bachelor party. As the best man and groomsmen, you all need to chip in for the party cost or if you have the capability you can host the bachelor party all by yourself. The next important duty is to buy a gift for the newlyweds. You cannot afford to forget a gift for your close buddy on one of the most special days of his life.
General Responsibilities
  • You need to help the groom choose the tuxedos and show up with him during the fittings.
  • You need to plan the bachelor party along with the best man. You will also have to share the cost of the party with the best man and other fellow groomsmen, if any.
  • You have to be present and attend all the ceremony rehearsals and rehearsal dinners without fail.
  • You need to practice your wedding speeches, if you are required or asked to speak.
  • You have to pay for your own wedding attire and other wedding wear rentals.
  • You need to help the groom prepare a list of invitees and decide the seating arrangements.
  • You have to make sure that the travel arrangements, licenses, passports, visa, etc., for the wedding and honeymoon are in order.
  • The junior attendant's duties include loading and unloading the liquors from cars, helping in the decorations and organization of the wedding ceremony.
  • A junior is also supposed to make sure the seating arrangements and the travel plans are in order and being followed exactly by the ushers.
  • You are responsible for returning any tux or formal wear taken on rent by the groom.
Wedding-related Responsibilities
  • At the wedding you need to make sure each guest and invitee is seated at the allotted place in appropriate positions.
  • You need to stand next to the groom during the ceremony as he takes his wedding vows.
  • You should escort the bridesmaid to the reception venue from the ceremony.
  • At the wedding reception, you need to be seated at the table of honor with the newly weds.
  • You are to be photographed as the wedding party member.
  • You are also required to dance with the bridesmaid.
  • After the reception you may help in loading the gifts to the car.
As you have understood, becoming a groomsman is no laughing matter. You need to maintain calm and help the jittery groom overcome his wedding anxiety pangs. You have to dress up properly, for example, black tuxedos with black socks. You should have a haircut to be able to flaunt a handsome face. You never know but you might impress a beautiful bridesmaid at the wedding.