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Hippie Wedding

Hippie Wedding
Need some help planning your hippie themed wedding? Stop right here! This article has some great ideas on how to organize an awesome one!
Sujata Iyer
Having a hippie wedding may seem a little out of the box and even casual to some people, but planning it is as intense and time consuming as a traditional wedding. So, if you're thinking of having a hippie theme for your wedding, go right ahead! It's a fun wedding to plan. Read below for some tips on how to plan the wedding.

In order to do full justice to the theme that you have selected, it is necessary that you know a little about hippie culture so that you can incorporate as mush of it as you can, in your wedding. Hippies are free spirited people who live everyday to the fullest on the principles of peace and love, exploring themselves from within with every passing day. For them, daily matters like money and social status don't really matter. All that matters is, that they are one with themselves and with the environment around them. Keeping these basic points about hippie culture in mind let us proceed with the planning of your big fat hippie wedding!
A Venue
Choosing a venue for a hippie wedding is probably the easiest and fits perfectly into the wedding budget. You don't have to think about how to accommodate your guests in banquet hall. You don't have to worry about seating arrangements. Opt for a big park in your city. Surrounded by trees, on the lush green grass, you and your groom can take your wedding vows, with the birds chirping and the butterflies and bees flitting around. As far as the decorations are concerned, flowers, flowers and flowers are the only things you should use to give your wedding a more authentic look. Decorate the area where the ceremony will take place and also the seating area with some pretty flowers and leaves. You don't really need to have a color scheme but you don't want a rainbow in the middle of the park either. So, select 3 or 4 colors and get flowers only of those colors. You can carefully arrange them to look casual and just 'tossed over'. For seating, go unconventional. Instead of the normal pews that most weddings have, ask your guests to sit on an assortment of furniture like couches, chairs that don't match, stools or even bean bags!
Ah! The wedding invitations. For your invitations, here are some fabulous ideas. Use bright colored paper and have flier style invitations designed. These are so ridiculously easy to make, you can do them yourself without spending a fortune on expensive invites! Just follow the steps given below:
  • Prepare the text for the invitation. Use casual language.
  • Design a simple, one page flier on your computer.
  • Get this on a flash drive and go to a printer who will give you a good deal on bulk printing.
  • Ask him to print out the fliers on bright colored paper like orange or red or lime green.
  • Once they are printed, you can stick them on card paper of the same size. This will prevent the invite from bending or getting crushed.
  • Get bright envelopes and paste peace stickers on them.
  • Mail the invites and don't forget to add a 'Do not bend' instruction on the envelopes.
The wedding theme is hippie, so it's only natural that you use music that represents the era in which hippie culture was dominant. Yes, I'm talking mid sixties to the eighties. There are numerous songs and artists that have fabulous numbers around and about that era. Just to help you out, here are a few hippie songs that you can use as your wedding music.

Song Artist
Baby Now That I Found You The Foundations
Piece of My Heart Janis Joplin
Hello, I Love You The Doors
Love is All Around The Troggs
Somebody to Love Jefferson Airplane
Soul Sacrifice Santana
Wedding Vows
Your wedding vows don't have to be necessarily different from other wedding vows but you can add a little dose of hippie inspiration to yours. The hippie movement was all about nature, love, happiness and peace. Tell the world how your soulmate has brought you love, peace and happiness. Extol her/him in the presence of all the people you love and in the presence of Mother Nature. That's what a hippie wedding vow is all about.
So, let's see, has everything been covered? Ooh! The wedding dress! Don't worry, there are many kinds of dresses that you can choose from. Don't worry about shoes, because a hippie wedding means a bare feet ceremony! And instead of throwing the bouquet, you can throw a large peace sign! There you go, the planning for your hippie wedding is complete, well almost. I'll leave the minute details to you! Have a happy hippie wedding! Love and peace be with you!