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Homemade Favors for Weddings

Reshma Jirage Nov 20, 2018
Want to thank your wedding guests in a unique way? Homemade favors are your best bet. Making them on your own is quite interesting and full of fun. Here are some wonderful ideas for the same.
Offering homemade wedding favors to the guests has been a popular tradition. You can express your gratitude towards your guests who have attended the ceremony and have helped in making the day memorable for you. You can make your own beautiful favors by applying your creativity. Such attractive homemade favors can be created within your budget as well.
You may take the help from various books, magazines, or websites for the same. All you need to invest is your imagination, talent, and time. You can use quality papers, home computers, and desktop publishing software. All the other accessories needed are available in the market.

Homemade Favors: Benefits

Homemade wedding favors may range from elegant and sleek to quirky and exciting. There are numerous benefits of making your own favors, such as:
  • You can create one that is suitable to your wedding theme and mood. You can add a personal touch and your creativity while making it. Your guests will be surely honored by your homemade favors.
  • Making them at home can be money-saving and be equally attractive.
  • Minimal efforts and time can be consumed. If you are successful in involving your family members and friends in making them, then it can be a full of fun and memorable affair.

Choosing the Wedding Favors

The first step in making homemade favors is to decide the type of the favor. Generally, there are 3 categories, edible, practical or useful, and keepsakes or decor favors. This is decided considering the mood, theme, and season of the wedding. A practical one is ideal for a casual wedding while an elegant commemorative one is suitable for a romantic one.
The edible wedding favors include homemade chocolates or chocolate pops, candy bars, fudge or taffy, chocolate covered pretzels, and hard or rock candy.
Use chocolate spoons with the packets of coffee or cocoa, personalized cookies or cookie pops, homemade dry soup mixes, jars of jelly, jam or preserves, small jars of herbed olive oil, and dried fruit and nut mixes.
Your wedding ceremony could be memorable for your guests due to keepsake or decorative favors. You can create attractive ones, such as magnets or magnet frames, decorative treasure boxes, mini photo albums, individual handwritten fortunes or message scrolls, picture frames, and personalized poems.
Many couples prefer the wedding favors that are attractive as well as useful. Some of the practical favors are decorative soaps, coasters, bookmarks, mini decorated notepads, key chains, personalized candles, potpourri, paperweights, and bath salts or beads.

Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

If you select edible wedding favors, use cookies of various shapes, like flowers, heart, stars, shells, moon, and leaves can be a great idea.
You may decorate them with icing sugar. Pack them in little boxes or tins, or wrap them in a colored, translucent cellophane paper, tying them with tiny ribbons. You may wrap Jordan almonds in a circle of colored tulle and tie with a matching bow. It is a cost-effective way to combine your wedding color scheme with a traditional wedding favor.
Paper boxes filled with soaps, candies, candles, and scented satchels of potpourri are some of the common homemade favors. You may fill the champagne glasses with chocolates and cover its top with tulle. Allow the tulle to extend down to the stem of the glass. Tie it with a ribbon and adorn with silk flowers.
Seed wedding favors are an excellent choice, as seeds are a symbol of new beginning. You may choose fruits, herbs, and vegetable seeds, and pack them into small squares of fabric.
Attach a tag of seed's name and instructions about planting it. Personalized CDs with your own romance theme can be a great idea for making the wedding favors.
Your guests will be surprised by a special gift, such as a homemade soap or scrub. You may add poetry to beautiful backgrounds while making framed works or bookmarks in order to give a personal touch to your wedding favor.

Photo Albums

Let your marriage ceremony be remembered for a lifetime by your guests with your elegant and fascinating homemade wedding favors. Honor everyone with them, and make your special day a memorable one!