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Homemade Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
Homemade centerpieces are a great idea for those who wish to have a centerpiece that is decorative yet unique in its own way. Here are some ideas.
Planning one's wedding decorations can be a fun task as this is one of the most awaited moments in everybody's lives. From the decoration to the dress codes for the bridesmaid, one really needs to put in efforts to make the wedding venue look really extravagant.
For decorations, it is not always necessary one buys things off the store shelf. One can even make homemade decorations for a personal touch. A wedding centerpiece can be considered to be the focal point of the reception. Beautiful and creative centerpieces can be created at home if you are artistically inclined and wish to give a personal touch.
The ideas can depend upon your budget and whether you are planning for a casual or formal setting.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Flowers have always been associated with decorations and special events like these. Therefore, flowers can be an ideal option. You can get special exotic flowers and bind them together.
You can make a collage of some of your best moments and place it at the table. Surround this collage with a beautiful arrangement of such exotic flowers. This can be paired up with some romantic poems. You can even add snatches of the way you met and funny moments together.
The centerpiece obviously needs to be the center of attention. If you wish to have something elegant, candles are the right option. You can make a creative arrangement of the candles and have different levels.
You can opt for colored candles that match each other in terms of tones. This will add an unusual setting to the wedding. You can even get transparent and exquisitely designed bowls and place floating candles inside them. Scatter fresh flowers alongside to add to the beauty of the setting. You can also place some rose petals in the water.
If you are the kind who loves all the sparkle and the shimmer then you can also add it for the centerpiece. You can choose objects made of glass and beads or smooth stones. These also work well with the floating candles theme. Use dim lighting to add a romantic feel to the area.
Homemade wedding centerpieces that are edible are also a great and innovative idea. How about placing individual cakes and pastries as a part of the decoration? Gingerbread wrapped in cellophane with red ribbons is also a great idea.
This is an innovative way to serve desserts to your guests. Apart from that, if you have an empty cake tray meant for a multi tiered cake then you can even place those pastries on this!
Use attractive potted plants for your centerpiece. All you have to do is visit your local nursery. Balloons can also be used in a creative manner.
These ideas should help you to create something unique of your own rather than paying exorbitant amounts. Let your creativity flow to have a decorative wedding centerpiece.