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Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

Scholasticus K Sep 29, 2018
Arranging small gifts for guests as favors has become a convention at most weddings. If buying expensive favors does not work out for you, you can opt for simple homemade wedding favor ides, like cookies and flowers.
A favor is a small souvenir, or gift, given to guests at wedding parties. A wedding favor need not big and expensive, and can easily be a small and low-budget gift, that people can carry off, as very fond and happy memories of the wedding.
Homemade favors often make a very good keepsake. they can be creative, yet penny saving. Unique and personalized favors that you can make at home, can also serve as excellent tokens for your guests.

Advantages of Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

Creative Activity

One of the biggest advantage of homemade wedding party favors that often goes unnoticed, is that the process of preparation of the favors is a very creative activity that you can do with your fiancé.

Personalized Gift

The best thing about homemade favors is that, it is a personalized gift, that is always valued by all your guests.


Homemade favors are a great option, if you are running low on your wedding budget. In fact, some of these ideas are so simple, that you can use the stationery and material is found in the house itself.

Unique Homemade Wedding Favors

Scrumptious tidbits

One great and fail-proof idea that for wedding favor are personalized sweets and treats.
Chocolates, mints, cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, popcorns, toffees, jam, flavored butter, rice krispie treats, etc., are great options.
Trust me, your guests will bless you for stirring up some fond childhood memories. And yes, the list is interminable, all your guests are gourmands after all!

Decorative and Sweet-smelling Candles

This can be a great option. The guests can even light their candles, as the darkness begins to set in. It is also very convenient as candle making is easy.


Coasters can be easily made and decorated at home. They make long-lasting and keepsake kind of favors.
Bedeck them with pretty graphics, textures, colors, prints, etc, or hey those of you who have steady hands can showcase your expertise with embroidery or crotchet!


One of the easiest favor idea is to make a small bunch of flowers.
Orchids or mini orchids are one of the best wedding favors you can present your guests with. All you need to do is just pot them and wrap a thank you note around it. Your guests will truly appreciate this beautiful favor.


Everyone would love to take home this drinkable wedding favor. This refreshing and zesty lemon liqueur from Italy is easy to prepare and leaves you with a lot of creative latitude in terms of presentation.
You can fill the limoncello in quaint shaped bottles and bedeck them with brightly colored modern graphic tags. Adding the tag is also a very nice way of saying thank you to all the guests.