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How to Build a Wedding Arch

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 25, 2018
Whether it's an exotic decoration or a simple one, the presence of an arch at your wedding signifies a warm and wholehearted welcome for your guests. Read on to know more.
An exquisitely decorated arch creates a beautiful ambiance and it envisions a perfect frame of your awaiting happiness. It is usually the responsibility of wedding planners. However, knowing how to build one without any help would prove useful if you are planning to customize everything yourself.

Building Instructions

Many contemporary designs have evolved today, amongst which bamboo designs are more commonly opted for. Wrought iron and wooden arches look traditional and fashionable.
A simple and neatly-raised arch looks pure and beautiful while the lavishly decorated ones lift the glamor of wedding ceremonies.
  • The easiest way to build a wedding arch is with bamboo sticks. The minimum height should be 8-10ft. Arrange for at least 12 sticks.
  • Start the preparations a day ahead. Dip the bamboo sticks in water overnight. This way, they gain flexibility and can be easily bent in any shape.
  • Erecting the bamboo sticks on the ground could be done with an additional support or you can directly dig and place them in the ground. Use medium height iron rods or wooden bars for offering support to the bamboo sticks.
  • Attach the sticks to the support by tightly wrapping a wire or a rope. Digging the sticks directly to ground would also look good. Divide the bamboo sticks equally on both sides (12/2).
  • Now bend the free end of the sticks from both sides one after another and keep tying them in succession. Twine the free ends around each other and then tie a knot at the junction with a strong thread.
  • Bending the sticks like the shape of a bow creates the arch. This step completes the framework. Make sure that the arch is wide enough for decorations.
  • You can also attach a floral tape for extra strength and support. Observe the arch from at a distance to ensure that it's perfectly shaped.


Applying a theme is also a great idea. You can dab on colors that would suit the season. For example, choose different types of orchids and vine plants for summer and spring weddings.
Winter weddings call for pure white and light-colored flowers. They are then attached to the arch with colorful threads, tulle, and ribbons. You can also clip on maple leaves and lavender. The stand alone piece could be ethereally decorated by applying the wooden theme. Wood of birch and oak trees would serve the purpose wonderfully.
Painting the wooden structure with dark ebony color would create a royal look. Over the dark brown wooden arch you can fix a garland of white fresh orchids or red roses. A Gothic theme complements vintage weddings where dark colors are often chosen. Prefabricated arches embellished with organza and tulle is truly exotic.
Pure white, light shade of aqua blue and baby pink should be the color of fabric for classical style decoration
The idea of building a wedding arch with bamboo sticks is probably the simplest method. Since wedding is an occasion to be celebrated with happiness and mirth, choose bright and pure colors to reflect a positive vibe all around.